Colorism is one of the more subtler tragedies that many people of color (particularly black women) face in everyday life since the days of slavery where lighter complexions were more preferable, and it was one the subjects that fascinated me today. After hanging out at a friend’s place and having some lunch after the meeting, I ran into the subject online and how it is perpetuated in the media. As you can see in certain magazines, some music videos, TV, etc…fair skin is the trade mark of beauty not just in the U.S but in most parts of the world. Maybe because most of the world is brown and thus fair skin is a rarity making it desirable, but I think it’s mostly Caucasian supremacy that date back in the old days. In the media, while blacks are shown and in well condition, there seems to be a preference for lighter shades than darker shades of brown to the point that it is hard to tell the area of descent. When those of darker shade are shown, it is usually in sports, jungle-like settings, and actors/models that are…not so appealing. It is a real food for thought.

In other news, I had one of the best creative days and sprints I had in a while, gotten further in the book as well more prepared for the test Tuesday. Later.


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