I’m ready to blow from all this reading I have to do, but on the one hand, I’m totally prepared for the test on Thursday, just a little more studying and I would be good to go. But back to my main point, I am overloaded by all the reading I have to do in such a short time. First off, I didn’t get to finish the readings that I had all Spring Break to do, just forty pages short and I have fifty-four more pages to read by Thursday plus the forty if time would allow. Hey, is it saying something if the teacher says the book is long?

Another topic that I had stumbled upon is quite a serious one, body image:

Though it is more about not being as well endowed or very tall compared to others. A little adolescent insecurity tale to keep me up for the day. If I had the time, I would write a piece about but alas I don’t. But seriously it is a big deal. It’s no secret that beauty campaigns are marketing off the insecurities of not only girls but men as well, and it still goes on. It is not something to take lightly.

Did an interesting thing in creative writing, something related to body image. It’s a homunculus thing were we use toothpicks to determine which body parts were more sensitive (and thus larger). I did mine with this tall girl. Hers didn’t turn out so well and I thought mine would be the same. Strangely, mine’s resembled a super hero cartoon type. Weird. The meeting was okay and I should get back to my book. Night.


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