I had to book it today. So I spent a good minute on YouTube about how to speed read while reading of course. It was more effective since I got a good twenty pages done, but it’s not enough, and as if adding insult to injury, it turns out that I wasn’t supposed to turn in a rough draft, but an annotated bibliography (lucky I looked it up) so I sped through that assignment only to get confused about whether I not I should put the ones I had in my paper or not. I emailed her, but she was vague, saying put five secondary sources (thanks teach) so I just turned in what I did and hoped what I did is right. I also revised my rough draft. It took some work but I think I might have something. Then I did some mad studying before taking a small break and resume reading.

After a good day of editing, I took a small jog before more studying and reading. It’s been a long day.


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