New image day. April is also one of my “lucky” months. Were it also not the month of my make up test, and a grim reminder that my college days are coming to a close. It was a typical Saturday with beautiful weather and a trip to the grocery store. I wore my new shades and pondered on whether green would go well with brown. I do have brown skin so I thought it would be a good color on me. I actually finished the book before the due date. I actually like it. The effects of how standards of beauty can impact people who can’t meet them, even back then, is very interesting. Believe it or not, I thought in the majority cases African American were more concerned about other things than just how they looked. It’s always the subtler cases that you need to observe:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=FSdKy2q6pEY And it’s not just black people either. It’s everyone and the effects are devastating. Buenas noches.


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