Poor Pecola. I just finished reading “The Bluest Eye” and as I had suspected, it was a tragedy. Pecola is finally happy with her blue eyes…to go with her insanity. Even though the child was born of incest, its dying was harsh. The novel actually challenge the notion of whether it had the right to live. Though, I for a split second it was better dead because of the environment it would have to grow up in, I immediately rebuked the thought and myself briefly. Life is precious. It should be treasured always. It’s those subtle pressures that we don’t see that we need to watch out for. It does good to reflect on why we believe the things we do or like certain things and consider other things to be ugly. By the way, I need to remind you that this eye color:

is pretty too. It’s most common, but it’s still beautiful. Anyway I registered for classes next year (should be the last). I got Fridays off, but at least they’re not all squished together like this semester’s. I had to go jogging late, but at least the sun was still out. I also got started on the next book “Typical American”. Should be…what it is. I had to pay seventy dollars (I got paid back) to have the washing machine fixed. And that is good night.


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