It was a typical Sunday. Nothing really exciting, nothing really boring. After the morning meeting, my family went to Walmart to restock for the week and then went home to relax…until we decided to finish the yard work. I had finished the required reading and my dad even gave me money for the work I did (I did thank him, wish I could say the same about my sister). I also pondered about the implications of dating for an eighteen year old and a sixteen year old. Let’s think about this…what difference is two years, should it really be viewed the same as a thirty year old and a thirteen year old? We’re talking about two adolescents in the former case with not much physical difference. Please present a logical argument besides “it’s the law” if you could, but it is something to think about. It is uncomfortable subject. One I don’t really give two figs about on a daily basis, but it is funny once you think about it. What if the two had been dating while he/she was seventeen and he/she was just sixteen, and then he/she just turn eighteen? Is it right to label he/she a child molester, especially when he/she is still basically a child themselves, or better yet the sixteen year old he/she is almost an adult themselves. You know some taboo questions probably should be pondered on. That’s enough weird questions tonight. Goodnight world and all who reside in it!


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