Asexuality is a little known orientation that is categorized as having little to no interest in sex. It is not celibacy which is more of choice not to have sex for personal reasons as aces, as they’re called, could choose to have sex. They are known to be different types of asexuals. One most are familiar with is aromantic (no romantic or sexual feelings what so ever), but there are many types, such as the gray area demisexuals (can have either romantic or sexual feelings but not at first sight and needs to develop deeper connection). Am I asexual you ask? I would have to say no, but I do care less about sex or romance than most. Asexuality is an interesting subject, and is often misunderstood. It is not talked about as much as homosexuality which is probably due to the fact that no sex is not as taboo as same-sex. Though having no sexual feelings is weird to some, it doesn’t quite stir up much uproar in the media and when it does, it is often misrepresented. No doubt that aces will love for people to research the subject more thoroughly.


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