So I couldn’t see very well yesterday due to the eye drops the doctor squirted in my eye to dilate my pupils. Said I was near sighted and needed glasses, which made wonder if they do this for any little slight. My mom makes it out worse than it actually is but as expected when I told her my vision wasn’t that bad, she says it’s denial and points out that she and my uncle did/does that (and I bet she brings this up tomorrow since she reads these things). Will it kill her to not compare me to any relatives as if I was nothing but a rolling mass of parts constructed by them, and no I am not ashamed about wearing glasses (even if I think I won’t need them as much). Anyway, after a day, the dilation finally wore off, and I completed one of my final assignments. I finally completed Final Fantasy X and now started X-2 (different battle system to get used to). Night.


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