Final Fantasy is one of those timeless games that many RPG fans will play over and over again. From the iconic VII featuring Cloud and Sephiroth, it has exploded in popularity. Not bad for a series that was supposed to end at the first game in the 80s. But here we’re going to tackle the most criticized series of the series, number XIII: The Keyblade’s chosen one. Whoops, wrong series.

Now, I’m quite a fan RPGs, and what I like most about them is the adventure aspect. Being able to go on side quests and get rewarded with super powerful weapons and items. Well, fans are going to be a tad disappointed as XIII is very linear. You won’t get much from side quests, actually you won’t even get to the actual side quests until around chapter eleven and by then you had pretty much face the hardest bosses in the game. The side quests are dull and involve just hunting down a monster in a certain area. Oh, and don’t let your lead character die. That’s a game over. No questions asked. But a good thing about game overs in this game, you could just hit the retry feature and continue your adventure. Thumbs up creators.

Now the gameplay is actually one best in the series. One thing I couldn’t stand in RPGs is the random encounters, basically you can’t walk two feet without getting into a fight. Here you can choose your battles. Another annoying thing is MP, how much energy you need to use a certain attack, no need to worry about that in this game. You have an unlimited supply. The battle may at first seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that the game pilots itself. All you really have to do if fight in the right paradigms which you’ll have to choose wisely for each fight.

One thing this game does great is in the graphics and music. I’ll admit it. The story needs work. There so many plot holes that it took a three parter in a parody of CinemaSins to dissect them all, but seriously, have you seen a more beautiful game before. I give credit if anything for the showmanship. And the music is to die for. Such choral beauty playing themes from sorrow to the epicness of boss fights.

On the whole, the game is worth picking up and even replaying on a Saturday afternoon if the kids, dog, and parents telling you to get out more won’t get in the way, but I wouldn’t say this game breaks the market as the best game ever made. And it’s definitely overrated for all the hype it gets, but to give a fair assessment. The game is a six out of ten. Had it a better story and side quests, it would’ve earned an eight.


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