ONE PIECE: Hurry Back to Your Friends! The Maiden Island Adventure



Hahaha! Well, it’s time for another review. Second one of the day that’s a new record that I’m aware of. This episode deals with One Piece one of my favorite animes, and as usual it doesn’t disappoint.

In this episode, Luffy finds himself on the island Amazon Lily, an island filled with a plethora of women. A dude’s paradise, right? Wrong. These women hate men and know how to kill one dead. And this is one of the things I like about Oda’s works, he cleverly uses old myths and creatively adds it to the funky world of One Piece. Here is the old, Greek story of the Amazons, a race of female warriors who if you’re wondering and was even explained in the episode go off to other islands to have children yet these women only seemed to bear girls (?). Our hero here takes the role of Hercules, except instead of being super strong he stretches like a rubber band. Anyway, much like how Hercules is depicted Luffy finds himself…without any pants and panics about his hat first (hey, if you know the story. It’ll make a lot more sense) and then not understanding the situation he’s in accidentally offends them and they go to attack them. And here’s what I like. Luffy is not a jerk, he’s generally clueless about the customs and possibly going off the general norms of which he was raised in and assuming that the women themselves knew as well lashed out at them when they handed him girly clothes. He demonstrates gratitude to them for saving his life when he finds out the mushrooms he had eaten almost killed him, but they weren’t hearing it.

The women aren’t bad here either, and that’s a mistake some cartoons make these days: A group of characters would act jerkish to the main character for no justified reason. The women here had never seen a man before and therefore thought he was a woman, which is why they saved him. Men are forbidden on their island and it’s safe to assume that it’s been like that for years. I also like the fact that Oda portray this behavior like little girls thinking boys have cooties. It’s not only child friendly, but identifiable. The women are innocent in their thinking. They had never been off their island, so they don’t know what men are like, so they study Luffy like he’s some strange thing. Most incredibly is Oda detail on Amazon Lily, it’s not purely based Amazons but more like flecks of it are imbued in it. Amazon Lily is created purely from his imagination and spawned into it’s own piece that’s just a piece of the bigger world he created. The episode ends with a friend of Luffy telling him of the only pirate crew there where only the strongest of the warriors join. Their leader is Boa Hancock, a Seven Warlord, who is coming to the island (Authority equals Butt kicking).


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