One Punch Man Episode One Review



So, I had just watched a new anime before class this morning called One Punch Man, which quite honestly I had secretly wanted to watch for some time, but I never had the initiative to. I could tell it was pretty good from the bits and pieces that I had gleamed online, and let’s just say I have a fetish for overpowered characters (Don’t get creepy about that).

Anyway, the first episode was as I had expected pretty good. Our protagonist as pictured above was a simple man at one time having failed in obtaining a job (been there, done that) and was approached by an evil crab man (It’s anime people just roll with it) who is confused why he wasn’t scared of him. Here it seems that our character is suffering from some form of mild depression. He’s uninterested in dying or anything and just doesn’t care what happens, because of this, the crab man leaves him be and goes searching for the boy who drew…nipples on him.

First of all, I would like to say that I like Saitama as a character. He has that simplicity that we could just put ourselves in his position, and living in an anime world, we would have the same dream he had while protecting that kid, to be so strong that we could take out anybody with one punch. From years of watching Dragon Ball Z, Kill la Kill, and One Piece, I was drawn to this attribute of his. Everyone wanted to be the Gokus, the Whitebeards, and the Beerus of the world, but we never stop to consider the ramifications of such a wish. What good is power when you steamroll through literally everything. As a result of all that training, Saitama got his wish but is now bored because nobody could challenge him and put up a good fight. Saitama is now more depressed than before. This not the first time this has been demonstrated in the episode. The main antagonist of the episode, who unlike his brother, was not an insane, unredeamable psychopath wanted to be the strongest man. His brother gave him his wish with what would be super steroids. It was fun at first, being a striking resemblance to a freaking Titan, but he soon regretted it when he accidentally squished his brother like a gnat. Funny as Styx, but tragic for him. What’s worse he still gets one shotted by Saitama. So the moral of that story and the deconstruction of that trope is that no matter what you do and how hard you try, someone will always be better than you, and as a result you’ll end killing away the ones you love.

One Punch Man has certainly left an impression on me and I would be tuning in. You know if I myself would would consent to get around to it.


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