Archer is in a sense a comedy spoof of James Bond, and it’s one of the better shows on television right now. Here I am going to cover the episode Swiss Miss. The organization formerly known as ISIS (it was called that before the terrorist organization) has been assigned to protect a famous German inventor’s seventeen year old daughter, Anka, from Spanish kidnappers. If you know anything about James Bond, then you should be aware that Archer really gets around, however, he has standards and thus wants nothing to do with Anka, but of course he gets suspected in wanting get with Anka. And here is where the episode gets interesting. Archer is dealing with a stigma that most men with a job dealing with children has. If you’re a man and have a job dealing with children, you’re going to be in danger of being labeled a pedophile. This stigma is the result of most people assuming that sex makes up at ninety percent of a man’s character. And if you are not, you’re either gay, impotent, and/or disturbed in some way. This stigma is dangerous in many ways. Men have to always watch their actions at all times. You can’t walk down the street without somebody assuming you want sex in any form or fashion. The theory that a man think about sex every seven seconds is very damaging. You can’t be thinking about sex every seven seconds and function like a normal human being. People find it hard to believe but men get discriminated in this world too. Sure men have privileges that women do not, strangely enough the main one that women seem to desire is the ability to stand and pee, but men still do get a lot of crap. A normal depiction of what a man is very animalistic. You want sex 24/7, you love and have very limited communication when it comes to sports, you grunt instead of talk most of the time, you fight with anybody that has a penis in order to prove you’re the strongest, and the most common stereotype of talking only about girls. With all this, it’s hard to go outside the house and not feel unsettled when people look at you all they see is a sex maniac in its natural environment.

Concerning Anka, I like what they did with her character. She pokes fun at the stereotype the girls are innocent and are naive about the world, but Anka is not so cute and innocent. She is well aware that what she’s doing around Archer is wrong. And she’s well aware of what sex entails, but she’s not just a slut. In fact, she never had sex before. She’s really doing it because she wants attention from her busy father and since her mom is gone and she talks about having a hard time making friends, you can assume she feels rather lonely.

This episode is very diverse when it comes to character development. Archer having some form of standard is shocking enough, but it draws people to him. It shows that he’s not an amoral jerk. Cyril, the relatively nice accountant, continuing struggle with sex addiction tugs some heart strings in me. Seeing him in a mental hospital for even just a brief moment after Lana had broken up with him shows he is trying to break it, but recovery from any kind of addiction is rather long. It’s also interesting to know that Ray is a bronze medal in a skiing competition. That adds a layer to his character that needs to be explored. Anka’s father being interested in chubby women is a very refreshing to see. People from around the world have different tastes after all, and Pam, the chubby human resources director, having a common ground with him in regards to being raised on a farm illustrates how bonding actually works. Even the main antagonists of the episode has a soap opera feel to them, especially regarding their history. Great overall episode eight out ten.


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