ONE PIECE REVIEW: Everyone Falls in Love! Pirate Empress Hancock


Alright here comes another one of these. And yes, I am in fact binging on One Piece right now. It’s cool alright so don’t judge me. Anyway, I’m going to make this short and simple. This is a new character introduction. Her name is Boa Hancock, and despite her lovely appearance, she’s as cutthroat as they come. Now what I like about Boa Hancock in this episode is obviously the female appeal. No, guys not her body. I’m talking about something closer to feminism. Remember in the last review that Boa is a Warlord and the captain of her crew. That means she’s is a big shot who’s even stronger than Luffy at this point. What I like about Oda did with her is that she’s a powerful woman without being a too perfect representation. She’s mean, vindictive, cruel, and cunning. Why? Because she is a pirate. A pirate can’t be pleasant and get respect, and through her interactions and words against a Vice Admiral, there is an implication of much deeper depths to her character. One Piece is a series of adventure and action. It appeals not only to boys, but girls too and to have Hancock as the female aspect of this world demonstrates Oda’s genius. No one in this world is left out, nor are they exactly perfect.

Her powers are also stunning and interesting. She can turn anyone who she enchants into stone provided that they don’t have a strong will as the Vice Admiral has proven. This is a call to the myth of Medusa, only instead being repulsive she is beautiful. Originally, Medusa was a beautiful maiden before being transformed into a monster by a vindictive goddess with her sisters as well. Hancock has two sisters as well and they resemble snakes, possibly implying they have some form of powers related to snakes. Is it possible that her background is similar? In fact the Kuja pirates themselves have a mantra of snakes. None stand out more than the two who pull the ship through the Calm Belt, a stretch of sea with no wind and full of sea monsters. Those very sea monsters fear those snakes. Oda here seems to poke at most animal and people fear of snakes that seems to be almost innate. You could say the world fears the pirates. In the end, Hancock robs the Vice Admiral’s ship, stones his crew, and prompts him to threaten that in a few days, her Warlord title will be revoked and Amazon Lily will be underseige by the World Government. Scarily enough, she doesn’t seem to care. Either she’s confident in her island’s ability to withstand the World Government or she’s really just a selfish chick.


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