ONE PIECE REVIEW: The Secret Hidden on the Backs – Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet


So girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl in the shower. Girl gets understandably ticked off. Here’s another One Piece review. In the last review, we talked about there being layers to Hancock’s character. But after unraveling layer after layer, we find out that underneath all that wicked witchy exterior is pure, undistilled witchiness. You know that old evil popular girl you see in high school who just loves to make everyone’s lives around her a living hell, that’s Boa Hancock character gone Super Saiyan. She shows no appreciation for the children making a statue in her image (It was a bad likeness in her defense), tosses an old lady outside her castle, throws away a good gem because it stains her beauty, and really does not care if the island is destroyed by the World Government. Normally this is the type of character you want to see eaten by a snake, but I actually liked it. Whoa, whoa what’s that? You like her you say. Is it because she’s pretty? No. I honestly think the girl twirling the hat is prettier. So why do I like her personality? Well, for starters it’s played for laughs. Hancock’s personality is nasty to the point of the absurd. It basically jabs at that type of character, and basically tears it down without a humiliation conga line. It says here is your alpha chick from high school to its logical extreme look how silly she is, but it’s okay because she’s beautiful. Second is the fact that she is a pirate. Other than Luffy and his crew, how many pirates out there are good people? Don’t worry I’ll wait. I’m hourly. Third the Kuja pirates are very revered on their island with the crew being very pleasant to others including little children. They respect their leader and for good reason too. In the provided backstory, which goes back to the Medusa myth, Boa and her sisters took on a gorgon and in a great feat of awesomeness slew it, but at a price, they got cursed which is why they bathe alone because anyone who sees their back will get stoned (not in the herbal way). In that scene, it showed something about Hancock. She was fearless and powerful, and the fact that there is such a set up designed not to let people see her back, shows she might, just a little, care about her people. That is until Luffy dropped in and saw her back among other things. Let’s focus on the back please. The strange thing is Luffy didn’t get turned into stone and he seemed to recognize what’s on her back. Does Luffy know something about the gorgon? Chances are no. Is the story presumably told by Hancock full of it. Chances are probably very high. She’s a witch.


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