ONE PIECE REVIEW:Heartless Judgment! Margaret is Turned to Stone!!


Gentlemen if you ever find yourself in the shower with a woman somehow by accident, whatever you do, don’t look at her back. Darn it, Luffy! What’s up guys here’s another One Piece review from yours truly. So we last left off with Luffy meeting Boa Hancock in the most personal way. Y’know she doesn’t much problem with people seeing her in all her glory, but that back of hers must have some secret if she really wanted Luffy dead after seeing that.

Apparently Boa and her sisters, who instead of arguing with her over who’s prettier, agree that it is impossible for a man to resist Boa’s looks. They apparently never heard of a gay or asexual man before. In her defense, some people do think that today. Anyway, this was another chase Luffy until he’s dead episode, except this time he gets caught and processed before a crowd, and apparently every woman on the island came to see Luffy die. I’m guessing TV is not a thing there. Maybe they only have a few channels or something. What I like about Luffy in this episode is that he’s all whatever about all this. Seeing a woman naked? Eh. Amazon pirates want my head on a pike? Cool. Going to be executed before a live audience? Whatever. Luffy is not an ordinary man and that’s the character you expect to change the tides. Heartwarmingly, the women who saved Luffy stood up to Hancock about this, and heartrendingly Hancock is still a witch, and using her witchy powers, stones them.

Luffy isn’t having that and after showing a giant panther the fist now has to fight Hancock’s sisters, who (called it) can turn into giant snakes. How will Luffy survive? I’m sure punching will be involved.


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