Here comes One Punch Man episode two review. You know this is a pretty good anime; glad I decided to watch it. Anyway, I’ll make this quick. The episode starts with a mosquito invasion that drain life dry from anything caught in their wake. This was done by a mosquito lady who get power from them. One funny scene from the episode was this man who was looting from stores even though the news crew advised everyone to stay inside. We’ll call him schmuck bait. Schmuck bait here was convinced that everyone was being over dramatic and nobody could die from a mosquito bite. Apparently, this guy had never heard of malaria before. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in Africa people. Needless to say, he didn’t last long.

Our story then shifts to this cool, cyborg hero pictured above trying to stop mosquito lady while our other hero was trying to kill a small one. Oookay. It was a hard fought battle, but Genos the cyborg was losing until One Punch Man jumps in and guess. Big bug go splat. Genos asks to be trained by him and Saitama just says okay without intending on actually doing it. What I like is the continue deconstructions. This time in regarding the loooooong backstory of Genos. Saitama has no patience for that as does most of the audience who are screaming with him to leave at twenty words or less. After that some more cool stuff happens and the story ends with a mad scientist and his duplicates. I think Saitama would be more uneasy than scared.


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