ONE PIECE REVIEW: All-Out Special Power Battle!! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-Snake


Luffy you big, old softie. You done touched the hearts of many again. Here is another One Piece review. We left our hero at the mercy of the Snake sisters. And then Luffy unleashes Gear Second, which enhances his physical abilities. What I love about this is that it instantly gives Luffy an advantage. He was able to hand the sisters their…snake tails (?) in an instant. What is clever is how Oda illustrates how Haki would be disadvantaged against a fruit user. See the sisters could tell when and how he was going to attack, but they still weren’t fast enough to block him. What a clever way of getting around a seemingly impossible situation.

What I also like is how caring the sisters were to each other. Even Boa was concerned when one of them got burned and the other was apologizing profusely for doing it. I guess they weren’t so cutthroat after all. The two were also afraid of anyone getting a glimpse of her back as if something terrible would happen to her if they do, though to the crowd this could be interpreted as them not wanting any of them getting stoned, but instead of kicking her down like everyone including the audience expects, Luffy covers her, understanding well enough that something that causes so much pain should not be seen by anyone. See this is what I like about Luffy in this episode. He doesn’t know what the big deal about their backs was and they just tried to kill him and his friends, but that doesn’t matter to him. He believes that what they were doing could be save for later, but he couldn’t stand causing someone so much pain just to be petty. This shows his mature side and that gives him a lot of respect. It even brings Hancock to tears. The ending of the episode has the old woman Hancock threw out, commenting that Hancock was hiding something and that it’s time to fess up, because Luffy can be trusted. It’s weird hearing from her about this. Apparently, she knows well of Hancock’s secret pain and depths. This is really evident as she doesn’t hold a grudge for what Hancock did like she understood why she did this, and didn’t want to rub salt in her wounds. Seven out of ten.


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