ONE PIECE REVIEW:A Difficult Fight for Luffy! The Snake Sisters Haki Power!!


Warning. If you have some kind of irrational fear of snakes this episode may not be for you. Well, in this episode, Luffy squares off Boa Hancock’s “little” sisters. Their names are too hard for me to remember so we’ll stick with this. Despite the large, snake-like bodies these witches give Luffy more he could handle. At first it’s upsetting, because  you want Luffy to silence the jeering crowd, but then you remind yourself and recall that this is custom for them. After all you would want your best soldiers to kill strong threats to your country. What I like is the variation of the fruit powers they gave the sisters. They both ate the Snake-Snake fruit, but they’re two different models. The yellow one has the King Cobra model and the green one has the Anaconda model (it’s not Nicki Minaj people so breathe easy). This is creative because this gives the sisters different kinds of advantages and it’s relative to snakes. The King Cobra model spews venom that melts whatever it touches, and the Anaconda, well, squeezes the ever loving daylights out of you. If that wasn’t enough the girls’ snake-like bodies make it hard for Luffy to hit. The episode really pushes the Medusa myth as when Hancock leers on, the gorgon is shown to the audience as if Hancock being Medusa was trying to turn Luffy to stone. Also, it turns out that the snake sisters know about fruit powers and willingly lied to the island about how they got their powers. But why they did so is unknown, but it must’ve been bad for them to decide to take it to their grave. This implies a more tragic backstory.

The episode also introduces the concept of Haki, apparently some force of power that few have. The sisters use this power to render Luffy’s attack useless. The iconic scene in the episode was Luffy unleashing this force to knock out most of the audience (silence accomplished) when his stone friend was in danger. The few people who weren’t knocked out provides some interesting knowledge about this specific power. Apparently, Luffy has the hidden power of a conqueror. Well, seeing how he wants to be king of the pirates, that’s not too shocking but to have stated that this is one in a million power for someone to have, it’s quite shocking. The Snake Empress, Hancock, claims to have this too. Is that why she became the queen snake?


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