ONE PIECE REVIEW: Saving Ace! The Next Stop The Great Prison!


Hello people it’s time for another One Piece review. In this episode, Luffy is invited to a banquet set up by Hancock, who is not going to attend for some reason as a result, I guess she didn’t tell the Kuja pirates that she and Luffy were cool so they plot to take him down, but Luffy manages to get them to sing along. From what I seen in this scene, Luffy must really miss his crew. He’s singing Bink’s Brew, a song often sung by his musician Brook, and teaches the inhabitants to stick chopsticks in their noses like Chopper, his ship’s doctor. This is good, subtle foreshadowing from Oda. Luffy is not going to see his crew for some time, and Luffy is just expressing his sadness over this fact.

Well, anyway after someone charges people to come touch him, Margret saves him by taking him to the old woman’s home. There Luffy finds out about Hancock being a Warlord. What’s stunning about this is that Hancock earned this at eighteen after just one campaign. The Kuja pirates’ reputation surely helped, but you can’t help but wonder how powerful Hancock really is to get into that class after just one deed.

Luffy also got the terrible news that his brother had lost to Blackbeard and is going to be executed. You feel Luffy feelings of dread. His brother of all people lost the fight. To him his brother is one of the strongest people he knew, even stronger than him so to hear him losing a fight and is now going to be killed took the world from under his feet. You would expect Luffy to be in denial about this, but he remembered his vivre card given to him by Ace, and it’s burning up, meaning he’s very close to death. The symbolism in the episode is great. Anyone who knows about this series, knows what’s going to happen to Ace, but to see his lifeline slip away in Luffy’s grasp…it has a powerful meaning later on let’s leave it at that. What I also like is the legend of Whitebeard being introduced. Over the course of the series, we heard of this legendary pirate, his awesomeness being told over and over again. He’s the only man to go toe to toe with the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and is Ace’s only hope, so we now know why the World Government wants all the Seven Warlords there.

Luffy is told that he can’t go to Saboady and gather his crew in time or go by pirate ship alone. The only way is to get Hancock to face her terrible past and ask the World Government to ship her there with him hidden on board, and she just came down with an illness to boot. And the next foreshadowing is just heart rendering. The old woman told him that even he goes there he would be an ant before a thunderstorm. This is just epic foreshadowing in my opinion. It shows us, the viewers, where Luffy stands in all this. He’s no where near powerful enough to withstand the combine might of the World Government. He’d be lucky enough to survive let alone make an impact. Great overall episode. Nine out of ten.


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