ONE PIECE REVIEW:Hancocks Confession – The Sisters Abhorrent Past


Come and let me tell of the story of Hancock and fishman hero who also stood up the Celestial Dragons to free the slaves despite his hatred towards humans. Here’s another review of One Piece.

So after covering Sonia’s back until everyone leaves, Luffy prepares to square off with Hancock who tells him that she doesn’t want to fight, but instead gives him a choice of turning his friends back at the cost of his ride. Luffy being the kindhearted guy he is does not hesitate to ask for his friends back. I like this because no one except the audience expected him to do this. Really this is what any good person would do. Anybody could find a ride, but you can’t replace a good friend. This was done to show us what Hancock thinks about all men. They are all selfish and can’t be trusted. Anyway, she turns them back and takes him back to show him her back, which she reveals to have been branded by the Celestial Dragons, meaning that she and her sisters were slaves to them. With this revelation, we now know why they fabricated that story. If anyone had found out about this, they would be sent back to the Celestial Dragons, warlord or not. From the three women’s reactions during the telling the story, we realize the true horror of what slavery was like in this world. And you have to remember this is Hancock and her sisters’ first impression of men. They were kidnapped when Boa was twelve and she’s the oldest so Sonia’s reaction is quite understandable if you look at it, imagine eleven or younger and being subjected to a harsh slave life, and they were also on the Kuja’s pirate ship at the time, where the strongest were so that was the safest place but they got kidnapped anyway when the adults went away for one minute. This tragic backstory makes a viewer drop every first impression of Hancock. No one would be very affectionate after what she’s been through.

What I also found interesting was that a fishman saved her and other slaves. To make this short think of fishmen as African Americans in the 1800s, the fishman (Fisher Tiger as he’s called) as Harriet Tubman, and the slaves as well slaves. This Fisher Tiger is seen as enigmatic, meaning he would be an important figure later on, but what hear of him is that he’s a hero, possibly a slave himself, who didn’t discriminate on who he wanted to save. But he’s not a golden figure as he formed a pirate group with Arlong who tortured one of Luffy’s friends since she was a kid. The complexity of this is handled pretty well, it’s based of real world events, historical figures, and the implications of what the aftereffects were.

It also turns out that my theory was correct. The old woman who Hancock threw out was basically a mother to them. She left the island a long time ago, which earned ostracism from Amazon Lily, but she found Hancock and her sisters who didn’t know the way home. She heard of their backstory and took them back. This is amazing. Because of this unveiling, we finally understand how she has her wisdom of men, the world, humanity, and the big picture. I give all the credit in the world to Oda on this episode. Nine out of ten.


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