ONE PIECE REVIEW: Love is a Hurricane! Love-Love Hancock!


Hello all, here comes another One Piece review before the fillers on the whereabouts of the Straw Hat Pirates come into play. This one is pretty short as it involves Luffy asking Hancock to ride him to Impel Down, a very dangerous prison where Ace is held, on a World Government ship. But here comes the silly part. Hancock gets sick when she hears Luffy leaving by morning. Wait for it. Hancock is sick because she is in love. Ooookay, dismissing the fact that Luffy is barely of age and Hancock is in her twenties…that happened. According to the old woman, Nyon, (and yes she is buying into this) love sickness is what killed the other Snake Empresses and almost herself if she hadn’t left the island which explains that, and Hancock is next…until Luffy came with his request. This earns the ire of her sisters, but Hancock doesn’t mind. In fact, she’ll take him anywhere he pleases which shocks her sisters. Going to the place that had basically scarred her for life, huh? Man, she’s got it bad. I don’t know how she made it through the night.

Anyway, this is a silly episode with no real meaning to it, except you know Ace in jail talking to Garp.

And you know…he’s coming.


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