ONE PIECE REVIEW: A Deadly Infiltration! The Underwater Prison Impel Down


Welcome to another one of my One Piece reviews. In this latest installment, we enter the arc of Impel Down, basically a prison break arc. This is a world building episode, giving us a view of what Luffy is getting himself into. This prison is best described as hell. We see prisoners being tortured to the point of begging for death, and that’s for only minor offenses. What is great about this is that it increases the senses of dread. We really think there’s little hope for Luffy to escape this place alive even with his plot armor.

What I also like is main antagonists in this piece. Even though, we’re given their first impressions through their supposed ally, Boa Hancock, we see that they are actually nice. They are just doing their job. I mean just because you like to hear the pain and screams of criminals doesn’t make you a bad person, does it? If it was, then I must be hanging with the wrong crowd all my life (JK). Their quirks makes them attractive characters instead of hate your guts evil, which is brilliant to me. We all know the World Government is corrupt, evil we might even argue, but nobody who signs up to work for them is set up to be evil. Here we see upstanding people doing their jobs and keeping criminals in their place. Remember Luffy and his crew are the exceptions of being a pirate not the rule. Some of these fellows deserve to be there. So I have a feeling that if Luffy has to fight with anyone there, I think we could well expect that to the jailers it isn’t anything personal just a job and reputation. Another great showing of this is that they have to search Hancock and place her in sea stone cuffs, which cuts off her powers, just in case she might break Ace out. They tell her it’s not personal, but they have a reputation and they are going to uphold it and that means no chances.

On a personal note, Buggy’s back. At least in this scary, heart racing arc, there is some comical relief. You can’t have your heart racing all the time. It’s bad for you y’know. Oh, and I also like the time being shown to Ace’s execution. Kind of places the importance of time and building up of something even bigger. If you’re wondering, it’s at thirty-three hours.


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