ONE PIECE REVIEW: Break Through the Crimson Hell! Buggy’s Chaos-Inducing Plan


Alright people, here comes another One Piece review. In this episode, Luffy runs into Buggy in his attempt to break Ace out of Impel Down. This episode doesn’t contain much except something about Buggy’s character so this will cover that.

At first, Buggy wanted nothing to do with Luffy, except when he noticed the bicep band Luffy was wearing. Apparently, it’s a map of some treasure he was looking for, which led to him being caught. This interesting, because most pirates in this world is looking for the One Piece so it’s rare to see a pirate interested in something else. Then I’m reminded that Buggy was on Gol D. Roger’s ship. Is it possible that he knows something about the One Piece?

Anyway he makes a deal with Luffy to show him the way down if he gives him the trinket, which Luffy agrees. They are led to a place called Crimson Hell, which a terrain of sharp blades used to cut up the criminals, lucky for Buggy it doesn’t affect him. Of course he leads Luffy to the second floor, and Buggy was about to turn around but the Bluegori, probably just to be a smart alack, cuts him and made his body fall in with Luffy and since his head can’t leave his body, it goes with him. Ha ha. Goodnight. Six out of ten.


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