ONE PIECE REVIEW:For His Friend! Bon Clay Goes to the Deadly Rescue!


Hey, guys. It’s been a while, but welcome to another One Piece review. So Luffy takes a lethal dose of poison and is dragged off to level five A.K.A Freezing Hell. He is clearly writhing in pain, and this looks to be the end for him. This is a emotionally pulling scene. Normally when you have a protagonist who is a criminal, the low point is when they are defeated then thrown in jail. You can handle defeat of this character, but not jail. They spent their entire lives not getting tossed behind bars, and now Luffy’s there. His crew is scattered and he’s moments away from dying. It truly felt like the end…well, until Bon Clay pulls a crowning moment of awesome. Just when we thought Hannayabal had defeated him and chased him off, Bon Clay survived and took his form while also freeing Buggy and Mr. 3 in the process. The latter two wanted to leave but Bon resolved to save Luffy despite having revealed to him that he was beyond saving. He quickly remembers the Queen of queens and seeks him/her out in Freezing Hell. His plans hit a snag though when the guards told him or rather “remind” Hannyabal that there’s some rumor prisoners vanishing because of some spirit, and Ivankov was one of them. I’m surprised that the guards didn’t look into it, but I guess since prisoners didn’t “escape” they couldn’t care less. Plus, there’s this thing that Hannyabal wants the warden job…

The guards ask for Bon’s, Buggy’s, and Mr. 3’s clothes. And here’s what also implies that Hannayabal is really strong. We think this is a scene full of pain inducing humor, but Hannayabal does this periodically just to show his strength so he’s either really weather resistant or just that tough. We get a little world building here, but it’s just a cold, frozen wasteland. Oh, and there’s wolves that are so dangerous that they can’t be kept in level two, so have fun with that.

Luffy in the meantime is suffering from some disconcerting flashbacks about how pointless this journey is, how strong everyone is by comparison, that Ace might be doomed. He also gets this talk from prisoners as well who just tells him to die already. Then someone comes just as the prisoners are telling him that no one would save him, Bon Clay, battered with wounds from the wolves and a lot of determination, shows up to save him as a sort of in your face moment to everything said. Luffy is lucky to have friends like these. Eight out of ten.





Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I’m back with another One Punch Man review. Today’s episode involves a ninja, a couple of shaved men in battle suits, and Saitama handling them both. Now that we got the spoilers out of the way let’s get to it.

Recall that this is a parody, not an adventure show like One Piece, and we all know how the episode ends. You think something like that would be boring, but this is actually brilliant because it makes us actually focus what’s going in the cartoon, enjoying the journey if you will. Anyway, a group of terrorists in battle suits starts causing trouble because they hate the rich and the poor unemployed people are dying. Noble cause, right? Here’s the kicker. They don’t want to work because it’s not fun, and think they’re entitled to some of the rich’s wealth. Boy, this really sounds like Baby Boomer’s stereotypes of the Millennial generation. Of course, they go on a rampage looking for a certain rich guy, who is implied to beĀ  a douchebag (maybe it’s the fact that his building is called the Golden Turd). You know you’d think this is a villain that you just cannot stand, but no not really. He’s really affable. Yeah, he’s lazy and an entitled brat, but he’s not cruel to his men even when they made a mistake, is actually pretty funny, is dedicated, and there’s the fact that no one takes him seriously. It’s hard to hate someone who just seems like he’s misguided at best.

Saitama hears about this on the news, and predictably does not care…until he hears that every person with a bald head would be arrested if spotted. I’m guessing most men from the ages of twenty and up are unjustifiably locked up right now. What a surprise. Hey, I can’t help it. I’m just bald this way. Saitama realizes his reputation would be ruined. And that’s when you realize that’s when you realize what this episode is about. His reputation not the criminals. Everybody assumes he’s a terrorist, and what’s worse some lame bicycle hero who got one shotted by the criminals gets the credit. After all Saitama has done, he gets no notice which makes what he strove for still unfulfilled. Oh, and the criminals, they got curbstomped by a ninja with a redundant name: Speed o Sonic. Guess what his power is? Saitama stripped the leader of his armor and the leader gets ambushed by a seemingly secret organization who let him take the suits in the first place. He’s fine. His literal hardheadedness protected him. Work sounds good now, doesn’t it Hammerhead? Saitama and the ninja get into it and the ninja lost due to a…gruesomely displayed tap to the marbles. He vows that they are now rivals.

Saitama vents his problems to Genos, and he tells him to sign up for the Hero’s Association. What’s shocking to me is that Saitama laments that he and Hammerhead were a lot a like. He could’ve been and maybe is childish and pathetic. Eight out of ten.



Hey, guys. It’s been a while since I did one of these, and I may be a bit rusty so forgive me for that, but here’s another One Punch Man review. It’s official. I like this cartoon. And I will get to why in about…now.

First off, I like how it just gets straight to the point. This is somewhat lampshaded in cartoon when Saitama states that backstories should be in twenty words or less. Honestly, that should be how long it takes to tell a backstory. The cyborg gorilla’s master could summed up as this: He’s a mad scientist rejected by the scientific community, and is obsessed with evolution. Everything else about him can be shown in a show and don’t tell sequence or explained without stalling the story. A lot of anime falls into this pitfall, and makes the story much, much harder to watch until we get to what we’ve been waiting for. This has been dubbed filler, and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you would just skip the parts. Thank you One Punch Man for taking the high road and spending your budget on high quality visuals, crazy action scenes, and amusing dialogue.

The humor is another great thing about this. It’s actually funny. Pretty much everything Saitama says is funny, and what makes it funny is how he’s not intentionally being funny. Instead of being worried the giant beetle monster threatening to destroy the city as he is seemingly beating him, he’s more worried about getting the wrong date on the sale as his pal points out to the mad scientist, Genus. Plus, Genos in an afro is pretty funny. You should check it out. It’s eight out of ten.

ONE PIECE REVIEW:The Showdown Has Come! Luffy`s Desperate Last Attack!


Alright, maggots. Today I’m going to teach you how reality ensues. It goes Luffy going into Second Gear, launching his famous gatling that took down Rob Lucci, us thinking he will win because he will become Pirate King and will always save his friends, Magellan unleashing another one of his poison hydras, and Luffy is badly poisoned and has twenty-four hours to live. Welcome to my One piece review.

Today, I would like to acknowledge of my favorite tropes being in play, and it’s hard to do it more brilliantly than this. We all know the thing with anime heroes always winning in the end to the point of it being implausible, but see this is why Oda stands out from the rest. Luffy was not gonna win this fight. Magellan is too powerful, and because of his stupidity he’s gonna die. This also brilliant from from Oda, because it makes you think how much Luffy is in need of his friends. They kept him from getting killed this far if you think about it. It’s not like Dragonball Z where the characters sans Vegeta (who screws over everyone anyway with his ego) where they just wait for Goku to save the day. See, that’s how good characters go to waste in about an arc or two. Luffy would not have survived Crocodile if it wasn’t for Robin, if he didn’t have rubber powers Enel would’ve killed him and Skypeia would be destroyed, if it wasn’t for the Going Merry’s last breath and Usopp’s rousing speech he would’ve been killed by Lucci and been destroyed by the Buster Call. Now his luck has run out. Kuma has taken out his crew and he’s been poisoned to death. All of this was because Luffy doesn’t use his brain. Such is the fate of every dumb anime character if real world physics was applied. One Piece, despite its weirdness, is the most realistic anime I had ever seen.

And what did I tell you about Hannayabal. He’s taken out Buggy and Mr. 3 like it was nothing all the while begrudging the fact that the two cost him his shot at the warden job. He holds Bon Clay to a stalemate until Bon Clay pulls a Nami. Come on, you know that was brilliant by Oda and Bon Clay. And who can blame Hannayabal? Impel Down is not exactly a place full of beautiful women. Looks like he might get that warden’s job after all. Nine out of ten.

ONE PIECE REVIEW: Mighty Magellan! Bon Clay Bugs Out


There’s no shame in running from a fight. The saying “Live to fight another day” is apparently lost on most anime characters. Luffy is no different. He believes in the fact that determination alone would lead to his brother, and that looks like it will cost him dearly. Welcome to this short One Piece review. The theme of the episode is simple: Luffy gets pounded by Magellan, and Bon Clay has the sense to run away.

I like how Oda is deconstructing the invincible hero trope. After all Luffy has been through so far in his journey, we knew he would survive, win, and become Pirate King. Against Magellan we all may have had a sliver of hope that he would beat him since the only other option was death. Surely there was some way he could win. There wasn’t one this time. We sort of get a glimpse of this through all the scenarios ran through Bon Clay’s head. Why? Because think about it. Bon Clay and Luffy’s attacks all require physical contact, even factoring in the Gears. If they do that, they would die, and there’s nothing that would change that. So I’m gonna play Mr. Right and Mr. Doofus here with Bon being Mr. Right and Luffy being Mr. Doofus, and say that running was the best option. Bon did what he could, but he couldn’t help Luffy beat Magellan. His tears of remorse takes a while to figure out at first, because there’s no shame in running from a fight you can’t win, but there is shame in leaving your friend to die. Here’s Mr. Doofus. Instead of doing the same, Luffy uses his Second Gear to blast Magellan in the stomach. It made him flinch, but Luffy got a dose of his poison. He insisted that he would give up his hands in order to save Ace. Magellan quite fittingly scoffs at this and states that he wants the whole thing, and that won’t stop him from getting it.

Hannaybal did what everyone expects him to, and lets Buggy and Mr. 3 escape so he could get the warden job (and apparently, the men under him just can’t do anything until he lets them. Seriously?), but quite reasonably the two takes this as a trap and attacks them, taking out all the men and annoying Hannaybal. Here I like to point out that after all that Hannaybal was just annoyed. He doesn’t have any powers to speak of, but he shows that he’s more than a mook. Buggy and Mr. 3 were, pathetically speaking of course, bosses of their arcs and had come close to actually killing the likes of Luffy and Zoro. And here Hannaybal made them look like children. They call him the vice warden for a reason, and at a prison like Impel Down, he has to be tough. He may be goofy and silly, but he is not a weakling. I bet if he’s serious enough, he could be almost as dangerous as Magellan himself. Eight out of ten.

ONE PIECE REVIEW:All Forces Have Gathered! The Battle on Level 4, the Burning Heat Hell!


Luffy is off on level four also known as Burning Heat hell to find some…food. Um, Luffy. Aren’t you forgetting about Ace? You only have a few hours. Oh, and don’t forget to ask Magellan if he wants anything. You know if you live. Welcome to another One Piece review.

Today’s episode is a world building one, but for all the hype, Burning Heat hell can be described as this: one, big boiling pot of lava. It’s simple, but it raises the stakes. I’m pretty sure most of us would know what would happen from playing video games with a lava level if you touch the pit.

What I like about this episode is its humor and foreshadowing, not to mention the greats being mentioned. I like it’s humor because it takes the “heat” out of the situation. It makes us take our minds off the things at play here. Here we have a war coming soon with the World’s Strongest man threatening to destroy the World Government to save his son, Ace; Shanks, the one who gave Luffy his hat, is duking it out with another Emperor of the Sea named Kaido (He may have some big significance in the future); The World Government’s strongest fighters are gathered to fight said strongest man; Magellan is serious and has plans to cover the stairs to the third and fifth levels (though Hannyabal does hint he would betray him to get the warden job. It doesn’t go unnoticed.); and then we see Magellan having some explosive diarrhea before setting out to find Luffy himself. I totally forgot about the other stuff happening because I was laughing so hard.

We do see Mr. 1, Daz Bones, too on this floor, but I doubt he’d be willing to help Luffy willing or otherwise. However, it does get me thinking of who’s else is down here: