ONE PIECE REVIEW:Chief Guard Saldeaths Trap! Level 3 – Starvation Hell


Uh oh, Luffy and…those other two guys are captured in Starvation hell. What kind of heinous, brilliant mastermind could’ve come up with strategy that could capture Luffy? How could this beast succeed where the likes of Crocodile, CP9, and Smoker had failed? Saldeath? I don’t like the sound of him. Uh oh, here he is, and he’s…adorable. Well, Sphinx break the gang out of the cage and proceed with the journey.

Sorry, not much happens in this episode, but Starvation hell was done very well as a setting. The heat is unbearable there, and according to Mr. 3 that’s because of the heat from level four. Y’know level four gets mentioned a lot in most Impel Down arc episodes so far. Could this be where the big showdown happens? Also, that’s not sand they’re standing on. That’s the dust from long forgotten criminals. They don’t call this Starvation hell for nothing. Also, we see the return of an old friend, Mr. 2 also known as Bon Clay, a I wanna say crossdresser doing ballet in the cell while nobody else could keep up while singing about the way he is. Way to empower the crossdressers of the world Oda. This obviously means he’s going to help Luffy, and his display of positivity and endurance shows me that he’s going to make an impact. Something about the way he sings about the way of his life also feels like foreshadowing.


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