ONE PIECE REVIEW:The Unleashed Swan! A Reunion with Bon Clay


Oh, look it’s Zoro coming to save Luffy from Saldeath! Wait where’s his prized swords? Why is he in a prison uniform? Why is he doing a ballet pose? Oh, it’s Bon Clay! I actually forgot he could shape-shift. Welcome to another One Piece review.

Now, first thing I like, is in the above scene other than it’s hilarious to see Zoro in a ballet position is the brief explanation of Bon Clay’s power. He can turn into whomever he touches and that transformation apparently sticks. I like how it reminds the audience, because after a few hundred episodes you tend to forget who has what power and how it works, how his power works and how he could look like Zoro. He had touched him when he was demonstrated his power to the Strawhats. I like how the flashbacks emphasizes the companionship and care Luffy and Bon had for each other. He was dancing with the Strawhats and sacrificed himself to save their lives from the World Government during the Alabasta arc. It really brings out the foreshadowing that leads up to this very moment. Bon saving Luffy again and demonstrating how awesome he is doing it, with ballet no less. We all would’ve preferred Zoro, but we still love Bon just like Luffy.

Finally, Boa has reached Ace and Jimbei, but what could she possibly say to him when we knew she only did this because she wanted Luffy to get there? Also interesting to note that Jimbei had never seen her to this point. This could be due to her, as Jimbei puts it, being a stuck up slacker who doesn’t want to do anything (we really knew why). But the minute she acts cute, the rowdy prisoners go wild. You know what’s really worth noting is that prisoners speak in a way that implies they want to rape her, which is a sharp contrast to the men earlier who were at worst peeping Toms. It makes it feel a lot better with what Magellan was about to do to flex his authoritative muscle. He unleashed his poison and KOs a few of the prisoners. Note that they were near Ace’s class level in terms power, and he just levels them easily. This is what Luffy is against in Impel Down. His chances of survival just went down. What is also interesting is Magellan’s attitude when doing this. A few prisoners were dying in front of him, and he doesn’t care. He reminds them in so many words that he owns their right to live, and if he wants you dead, you’d be dead. No questions asked, no ducks given. A little excessive? Yes. Does it establish his authority? You bet your toenails. Makes you wonder if all the high ranking Government officials are like that. During all this Hancock tells Ace his brother is coming, but with how much noise he’s making and how quickly he’s heading to level four, he’s bound to run into Magellan himself. Nine out of ten.


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