ONE PIECE REVIEW: Warden Magellan’s Strategy! Straw Hat Entrapment Completed!


No, seriously, Magellan. Hannyabal is right you need to take responsibility for getting distracted by Hancock when–What? Just stick to the review? Okay, anything to not get poisoned. Well, I just got through with talking to Warden Magellan, and let’s just say that Luffy is in a lot of doo-doo. He’s going to corner him in level four, Burning Heat hell. I think Ace may have a point in wishing Luffy would stay away. This can’t end well.

First, I like to point out how awesome Hancock¬† was not showing her emotional care for Luffy when she talks to her escorts about the problem of him penetrating Impel down. It really shows how much self control she actually has, and knows well how to not make the situation worse for him and herself. You typically have characters that give a tell to the people they try to hide from and somehow the people just goes with it like we’re supposed to believe they bought it without being an idiot. I’m glad Oda took the high road in not doing this with Hancock.

And I just cannot tell you how much I like the Greek mythology reference mentioned in the episode. This time it was the jailer Minotaurus. Please tell me you know where I’m going with this. He’s based off the Minotaur, the bull-man in a labyrinth fought and killed by Thesus. Guess what’s Impel Down, a labyrinth, and just as it took team work to defeat the Minotaur. It took the team of Buggy, Mr.3, Bon Clay, and Luffy to take Minotaurus out. Plus, I wonder how Buggy managed to slip his “Muggy ball” into his shoe, a prison shoe no less where you think the guards made sure he could not sneak in anything. Then again nobody knew about his power, so I guess Impel Down is either not thorough enough or Buggy is a legend.

Apparently, Bon Clay is looking for the guy who is called the Queen of queens on the island Sanji is trapped on so he could free him…or her? Either way, it’s sounds like big foreshadowing. For Luffy, Bon Clay, and maybe Sanji. Oda knows. Seven out of ten.


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