ONE PIECE REVIEW:All Forces Have Gathered! The Battle on Level 4, the Burning Heat Hell!


Luffy is off on level four also known as Burning Heat hell to find some…food. Um, Luffy. Aren’t you forgetting about Ace? You only have a few hours. Oh, and don’t forget to ask Magellan if he wants anything. You know if you live. Welcome to another One Piece review.

Today’s episode is a world building one, but for all the hype, Burning Heat hell can be described as this: one, big boiling pot of lava. It’s simple, but it raises the stakes. I’m pretty sure most of us would know what would happen from playing video games with a lava level if you touch the pit.

What I like about this episode is its humor and foreshadowing, not to mention the greats being mentioned. I like it’s humor because it takes the “heat” out of the situation. It makes us take our minds off the things at play here. Here we have a war coming soon with the World’s Strongest man threatening to destroy the World Government to save his son, Ace; Shanks, the one who gave Luffy his hat, is duking it out with another Emperor of the Sea named Kaido (He may have some big significance in the future); The World Government’s strongest fighters are gathered to fight said strongest man; Magellan is serious and has plans to cover the stairs to the third and fifth levels (though Hannyabal does hint he would betray him to get the warden job. It doesn’t go unnoticed.); and then we see Magellan having some explosive diarrhea before setting out to find Luffy himself. I totally forgot about the other stuff happening because I was laughing so hard.

We do see Mr. 1, Daz Bones, too on this floor, but I doubt he’d be willing to help Luffy willing or otherwise. However, it does get me thinking of who’s else is down here:


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