ONE PIECE REVIEW: Mighty Magellan! Bon Clay Bugs Out


There’s no shame in running from a fight. The saying “Live to fight another day” is apparently lost on most anime characters. Luffy is no different. He believes in the fact that determination alone would lead to his brother, and that looks like it will cost him dearly. Welcome to this short One Piece review. The theme of the episode is simple: Luffy gets pounded by Magellan, and Bon Clay has the sense to run away.

I like how Oda is deconstructing the invincible hero trope. After all Luffy has been through so far in his journey, we knew he would survive, win, and become Pirate King. Against Magellan we all may have had a sliver of hope that he would beat him since the only other option was death. Surely there was some way he could win. There wasn’t one this time. We sort of get a glimpse of this through all the scenarios ran through Bon Clay’s head. Why? Because think about it. Bon Clay and Luffy’s attacks all require physical contact, even factoring in the Gears. If they do that, they would die, and there’s nothing that would change that. So I’m gonna play Mr. Right and Mr. Doofus here with Bon being Mr. Right and Luffy being Mr. Doofus, and say that running was the best option. Bon did what he could, but he couldn’t help Luffy beat Magellan. His tears of remorse takes a while to figure out at first, because there’s no shame in running from a fight you can’t win, but there is shame in leaving your friend to die. Here’s Mr. Doofus. Instead of doing the same, Luffy uses his Second Gear to blast Magellan in the stomach. It made him flinch, but Luffy got a dose of his poison. He insisted that he would give up his hands in order to save Ace. Magellan quite fittingly scoffs at this and states that he wants the whole thing, and that won’t stop him from getting it.

Hannaybal did what everyone expects him to, and lets Buggy and Mr. 3 escape so he could get the warden job (and apparently, the men under him just can’t do anything until he lets them. Seriously?), but quite reasonably the two takes this as a trap and attacks them, taking out all the men and annoying Hannaybal. Here I like to point out that after all that Hannaybal was just annoyed. He doesn’t have any powers to speak of, but he shows that he’s more than a mook. Buggy and Mr. 3 were, pathetically speaking of course, bosses of their arcs and had come close to actually killing the likes of Luffy and Zoro. And here Hannaybal made them look like children. They call him the vice warden for a reason, and at a prison like Impel Down, he has to be tough. He may be goofy and silly, but he is not a weakling. I bet if he’s serious enough, he could be almost as dangerous as Magellan himself. Eight out of ten.


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