ONE PIECE REVIEW:The Showdown Has Come! Luffy`s Desperate Last Attack!


Alright, maggots. Today I’m going to teach you how reality ensues. It goes Luffy going into Second Gear, launching his famous gatling that took down Rob Lucci, us thinking he will win because he will become Pirate King and will always save his friends, Magellan unleashing another one of his poison hydras, and Luffy is badly poisoned and has twenty-four hours to live. Welcome to my One piece review.

Today, I would like to acknowledge of my favorite tropes being in play, and it’s hard to do it more brilliantly than this. We all know the thing with anime heroes always winning in the end to the point of it being implausible, but see this is why Oda stands out from the rest. Luffy was not gonna win this fight. Magellan is too powerful, and because of his stupidity he’s gonna die. This also brilliant from from Oda, because it makes you think how much Luffy is in need of his friends. They kept him from getting killed this far if you think about it. It’s not like Dragonball Z where the characters sans Vegeta (who screws over everyone anyway with his ego) where they just wait for Goku to save the day. See, that’s how good characters go to waste in about an arc or two. Luffy would not have survived Crocodile if it wasn’t for Robin, if he didn’t have rubber powers Enel would’ve killed him and Skypeia would be destroyed, if it wasn’t for the Going Merry’s last breath and Usopp’s rousing speech he would’ve been killed by Lucci and been destroyed by the Buster Call. Now his luck has run out. Kuma has taken out his crew and he’s been poisoned to death. All of this was because Luffy doesn’t use his brain. Such is the fate of every dumb anime character if real world physics was applied. One Piece, despite its weirdness, is the most realistic anime I had ever seen.

And what did I tell you about Hannayabal. He’s taken out Buggy and Mr. 3 like it was nothing all the while begrudging the fact that the two cost him his shot at the warden job. He holds Bon Clay to a stalemate until Bon Clay pulls a Nami. Come on, you know that was brilliant by Oda and Bon Clay. And who can blame Hannayabal? Impel Down is not exactly a place full of beautiful women. Looks like he might get that warden’s job after all. Nine out of ten.


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