Hey, guys. It’s been a while since I did one of these, and I may be a bit rusty so forgive me for that, but here’s another One Punch Man review. It’s official. I like this cartoon. And I will get to why in about…now.

First off, I like how it just gets straight to the point. This is somewhat lampshaded in cartoon when Saitama states that backstories should be in twenty words or less. Honestly, that should be how long it takes to tell a backstory. The cyborg gorilla’s master could summed up as this: He’s a mad scientist rejected by the scientific community, and is obsessed with evolution. Everything else about him can be shown in a show and don’t tell sequence or explained without stalling the story. A lot of anime falls into this pitfall, and makes the story much, much harder to watch until we get to what we’ve been waiting for. This has been dubbed filler, and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you would just skip the parts. Thank you One Punch Man for taking the high road and spending your budget on high quality visuals, crazy action scenes, and amusing dialogue.

The humor is another great thing about this. It’s actually funny. Pretty much everything Saitama says is funny, and what makes it funny is how he’s not intentionally being funny. Instead of being worried the giant beetle monster threatening to destroy the city as he is seemingly beating him, he’s more worried about getting the wrong date on the sale as his pal points out to the mad scientist, Genus. Plus, Genos in an afro is pretty funny. You should check it out. It’s eight out of ten.



  1. I wasn’t such a huge fan of the lack of exposition in this show. Mostly because when the protagonist isn’t taking an interest in things it is hard to be interested in them. That said, One Punch Man is pretty hilarious and is definitely great when you just want to relax and enjoy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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