Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I’m back with another One Punch Man review. Today’s episode involves a ninja, a couple of shaved men in battle suits, and Saitama handling them both. Now that we got the spoilers out of the way let’s get to it.

Recall that this is a parody, not an adventure show like One Piece, and we all know how the episode ends. You think something like that would be boring, but this is actually brilliant because it makes us actually focus what’s going in the cartoon, enjoying the journey if you will. Anyway, a group of terrorists in battle suits starts causing trouble because they hate the rich and the poor unemployed people are dying. Noble cause, right? Here’s the kicker. They don’t want to work because it’s not fun, and think they’re entitled to some of the rich’s wealth. Boy, this really sounds like Baby Boomer’s stereotypes of the Millennial generation. Of course, they go on a rampage looking for a certain rich guy, who is implied to be  a douchebag (maybe it’s the fact that his building is called the Golden Turd). You know you’d think this is a villain that you just cannot stand, but no not really. He’s really affable. Yeah, he’s lazy and an entitled brat, but he’s not cruel to his men even when they made a mistake, is actually pretty funny, is dedicated, and there’s the fact that no one takes him seriously. It’s hard to hate someone who just seems like he’s misguided at best.

Saitama hears about this on the news, and predictably does not care…until he hears that every person with a bald head would be arrested if spotted. I’m guessing most men from the ages of twenty and up are unjustifiably locked up right now. What a surprise. Hey, I can’t help it. I’m just bald this way. Saitama realizes his reputation would be ruined. And that’s when you realize that’s when you realize what this episode is about. His reputation not the criminals. Everybody assumes he’s a terrorist, and what’s worse some lame bicycle hero who got one shotted by the criminals gets the credit. After all Saitama has done, he gets no notice which makes what he strove for still unfulfilled. Oh, and the criminals, they got curbstomped by a ninja with a redundant name: Speed o Sonic. Guess what his power is? Saitama stripped the leader of his armor and the leader gets ambushed by a seemingly secret organization who let him take the suits in the first place. He’s fine. His literal hardheadedness protected him. Work sounds good now, doesn’t it Hammerhead? Saitama and the ninja get into it and the ninja lost due to a…gruesomely displayed tap to the marbles. He vows that they are now rivals.

Saitama vents his problems to Genos, and he tells him to sign up for the Hero’s Association. What’s shocking to me is that Saitama laments that he and Hammerhead were a lot a like. He could’ve been and maybe is childish and pathetic. Eight out of ten.



  1. This was perhaps one of my favourite episodes of One Punch Man. Mostly because Saitama feels a little diluted by the other cast members. Plus, we see some direction from the plot for a change. Thanks for sharing.

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