ONE PIECE REVIEW:For His Friend! Bon Clay Goes to the Deadly Rescue!


Hey, guys. It’s been a while, but welcome to another One Piece review. So Luffy takes a lethal dose of poison and is dragged off to level five A.K.A Freezing Hell. He is clearly writhing in pain, and this looks to be the end for him. This is a emotionally pulling scene. Normally when you have a protagonist who is a criminal, the low point is when they are defeated then thrown in jail. You can handle defeat of this character, but not jail. They spent their entire lives not getting tossed behind bars, and now Luffy’s there. His crew is scattered and he’s moments away from dying. It truly felt like the end…well, until Bon Clay pulls a crowning moment of awesome. Just when we thought Hannayabal had defeated him and chased him off, Bon Clay survived and took his form while also freeing Buggy and Mr. 3 in the process. The latter two wanted to leave but Bon resolved to save Luffy despite having revealed to him that he was beyond saving. He quickly remembers the Queen of queens and seeks him/her out in Freezing Hell. His plans hit a snag though when the guards told him or rather “remind” Hannyabal that there’s some rumor prisoners vanishing because of some spirit, and Ivankov was one of them. I’m surprised that the guards didn’t look into it, but I guess since prisoners didn’t “escape” they couldn’t care less. Plus, there’s this thing that Hannyabal wants the warden job…

The guards ask for Bon’s, Buggy’s, and Mr. 3’s clothes. And here’s what also implies that Hannayabal is really strong. We think this is a scene full of pain inducing humor, but Hannayabal does this periodically just to show his strength so he’s either really weather resistant or just that tough. We get a little world building here, but it’s just a cold, frozen wasteland. Oh, and there’s wolves that are so dangerous that they can’t be kept in level two, so have fun with that.

Luffy in the meantime is suffering from some disconcerting flashbacks about how pointless this journey is, how strong everyone is by comparison, that Ace might be doomed. He also gets this talk from prisoners as well who just tells him to die already. Then someone comes just as the prisoners are telling him that no one would save him, Bon Clay, battered with wounds from the wolves and a lot of determination, shows up to save him as a sort of in your face moment to everything said. Luffy is lucky to have friends like these. Eight out of ten.



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