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ONE PIECE REVIEW: Luffy’s Treatment Begins – Iva-san’s Miraculous Power!


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Well, Luffy is going through hell in hell. Howdy, I’m back after along hiatus. I know Hunter x Hunter style, but today is not about Hunter x Hunter, we’re all about One Piece and in today’s episode Luffy is about to go through the worst trial of his life: Using his own will and Ivankov’s homorne powers to live. Hmph, maybe next time Luffy would think twice about jumping into poison. Oh, who am I kidding? Luffy doesn’t think.

It’s a pretty short episode with not much in it, but what we do learn is what we already should’ve known. Ivankov is not really a miracle worker (mind you he/she said him/herself), he/she is just a person with a unusual fruit, speaking of which you should’ve seen it in action when he/she turned a guy into a woman…against his (now her) will…hey, she was asking for it. I don’t care if the person turned your dad into a mom and ruined your kingdom forcing you to come to Impel Down (wow Ivankov is really a grey person) because you’re a criminal now, it’s still rude to interrupt a musical number with a cannonball to the face. Besides, what’s wrong with being a pretty girl? Other than menstrual cramps, menstrual cycle, annoying breasts and bras, getting pregnant, catcalling, the latest fashion trends…what was my point again? Anyway, you’re lovely now, go sweet talk the guard into letting you go. Most guys are pervs in One Piece anyway.

What I found the most impactful is Bon Clay realization that his hero is not what he thought he/she was. The idea of a person you look up to, the person you put on a pedestal, is just a normal person is shocking to the naive. The song Kill Your Heroes is not always cynical, but to put matters into perspective. Unless, your God or many of His Heavenly servants, you’re a flawed, imperfect human…or an animal…or plant…or funghi. Whichever. Ace has 16 hours. Luffy has two days. Have fun with that. 8/10.