ONE PIECE REVIEW: “Believe in Miracles! Bon Kurei Cheers From His Heart”


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It’s another One Piece episode review. Today’s episode includes an explanation of Ivankov’s powers, an almost unheard of level that is said to house a former warden gone rogue (something tells me he’s going to be trouble later), Bon Clay’s cheering, and Luffy’s miraculous recovery. And yes, it’s all in the images displayed here.

So we have an exposition episode, nothing new here, kinda boring actually, but hey, I’m glad my favorite arc gets a call back. Seriously, Crocodile is one of the best villains in this anime, and speaking of which, he’s down there in level six along with Jimbei and Ace. Oh, about level six, you’re really talking big leagues here. Criminals so vile that the World Government had blotted them and their activities from history. So yeah, Ace, Croc, and Jimbei are in good company. Wait! What the Styx did Ace do to deserve that? Did he do anything? It can’t be because of his existence, right? Whatever.

The most inspirational part of the episode was Bon cheering all night for Luffy to hang in there. It even got the mostly neutral Newkamas to join him. And Luffy…died:

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Just kidding. Come on, if he died, we don’t have a series. Luffy recovered in just one day, whereas, it should have taken him three days just to have a chance of surviving, then he ate a lot and screamed really loud and…episode over. Well, see you next time. 7/10.