ONE PIECE REVIEW: Luffy Revives! Iva-san’s Jailbreak Plan Begins!!



Welp, here goes another short One Piece review.

Luffy’s back and more hyper than ever (that could be because of Ivankov’s energy hormones, but whatever), and just in time to see Bon pass out. I find it funny that he keeps asking whether or not he’s dead (he’s not).

Luffy, for perhaps one of the few times ever, decides to get back on track, and informs Ivankov that Bon has been seeking to free him/her, but Iva tells him that h(s)he’s waiting for a special point in time to break out, because he/she turned out to be an agent of the Revolutionary Army, headed by Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, though it takes a while for Iva to process Luffy telling him/her this, which was kind of funny. We then are treated with a flashback of probably the few quirks that could possibly link Dragon and Luffy together: he always faced east when on a ship, implying he had family in the East Blue where Luffy and Ace are from. Iva is flabbergasted that the World Government would dare pick a fight between Dragon and Whitebeard.


Anyway, he volunteers to help Luffy and they with Inazuma head toward level six, beating up wolves along the way. 7/10