ONE PIECE REVIEW:”Ace’s Convoy Starts – The Offense and Defense of the Lowest Level, Level 6!”



Welcome back to my One Piece review. Well, the episode wasn’t very long, but it had some kick. Luffy and crew made their way to Level six to get to Ace, beating up every guard in their path. In order to get one of them to lead them to Ace, Iva had to unleash his true self by turning him into a woman, who became very cooperative. Who knew a pair of breasts could change someone so much…leave the comments in the comment section, will ya?

Ace wasn’t there as Magellan had already taken him top side. To be fair, he put up quite a fight after knowing Luffy was there and without his fire powers. Too bad he was dealing with Magellan, so off he went to Marineford. Worse still, Hannybal gets serious (no doubt because his job is on the line too) and traps Luffy down at Level six while filling the place with sleeping gas, which would’ve work if Edward Scisssorhands, Inazuma, hadn’t barricaded the place by cutting up the stone floors.

Luffy’s resolve to go to Marineford was commendable; it’s a good way to make history and all, but I have a feeling Iva is right about this one. Luffy should just leave it to Whitebeard. The three Admirals are going to be there, the Seven Warlords, and God knows how many other fighters. Luffy just had trouble with one Warlord, speaking of which, guess who’s back:


“Did you miss me?”. 8/10