It’s finally here. I have finally worked for over one year and no, this blog is not my job unfortunately. Working on a night shift two hours from my home has been a trial, and the magnificence of that long journey is just the tip of the long adventure I underwent.

Working at a group home in a low income, virtually jobless state in the South came with a price. A price I had to pay. (I’m seriously going to move to another state when the money rakes in well enough) See, at my place of work, it’s staff versus mentally and emotionally stunted adults plus management. You see management never has your back. They don’t care if you pass out cold on the ground, especially if the clients wants another smoke (seriously, if you want them to become healthy…). I battled a creepy, molester witch, a fat ogre, a nicotine addicted dragon, and night’s long oppression. I have to wake a Sleeping Beauty every morning, had the assistance of a clueless pixie, help a maiden get from place to place, and for a good majority of  the year my only help came in the form of a pregnant medic. And paper work. I do paper work.

That was nothing compared to the dragons I faced in management. They storm the castle every once in a while breathing fire at the going ons of the castle. I had to stand up to them, but not to defend the villagers. Screw them. But to stand for my weekends off, the complaining about the paper work, and demanding of over time. I have yet to slay them, but I got a few strokes in. This epic hero has yet to fallen as his predecessors before him and he is determined to leave on his terms, nobody else. One year was a milestone. How long do I have to go?





If you want to be successful, then you have to develop the successful mindset. You have to believe you’re going to be successful. You have to think about success all the time. Success will be brought to you, and it comes naturally. You breed successful thoughts all the time. Your house becomes a large mansion as you envisioned it, and your bank account grows with every passing second. That my friend is the Law of Attraction. Here are some more from

I expect to be successful in all of my endeavors. Success is my natural state.

I easily find solutions to challenges and roadblocks and move past them quickly.

Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stones to my success because I learn from them.

Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful.

I feel successful with my life right now, even as I work toward future success.

I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success.

I see fear as the fuel for my success and take bold action in spite of fear.

I feel powerful, capable, confident, energetic, and on top of the world.

I have an intention for success and know it is a reality awaiting my arrival.

I have now reached my goal of _______ and feel the excitement of my achievement.

Today I am successful. Tomorrow I will be successful. Every day I am successful.




The idiot hero is possibly the most annoying trope anyone can use in fiction. The idiot hero is incompetent, they are always in the way, they cause more problems than they solve, and overall the story would be better without ’em. They’re just there for a cheap laugh. Personally, this trope can be substituted with a book dumb character, a character with some intelligence, but just isn’t educated. But then I was introduced to Monkey D. Luffy, and you’d think people would be annoyed with his antics, his crew thinks so, but he’s actually very beloved by the fan base, by other characters, and even by former enemies. His ability to be beloved is stated by the World’s Greatest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, to be his greatest weapon. So what gives? Why does the idiot hero trope work for Luffy and not for others. After some deliberation, I had come up with a few reasons.

  1. The World of One Piece: 1378663404-one-piece-punk-hazard-1024x720 One Piece is a bizarre world where exaggerations and weirdness abounds, and every character has his/her quirk. There are fruits that give people strange powers, stuff that defies all logic like sky islands, sea worlds, birds whose heads are always pointed south, etc…There are also people whose average height are between ten to twenty feet. Because of the bizarro world, which provides whimsy, and One Piece’s willingness to actually dive into why they are that way allowing people to draw their own conclusions until they are revealed, people don’t even notice how strange and annoying Luffy’s lack of intelligence is, especially when there are pirate captains whose habits are stranger.
  2. Audience perspective: One Piece is marketed to young boys and its whole different world compared to our own, so Luffy’s idiocy brings his curiosity to delve into how the world works and the conspiracies that may be behind them, bringing out many an amazing arc.
  3. Luffy’s heart is in the right place and believe it or not, he’s actually pretty competent: What makes Luffy beloved is not his intelligence. We all met intelligent jerkholes in our lives, but Luffy’s ability to care for others and go to heck and back to save them or punch out the jerks who even so much as made them cry endears us to him. We have at some points in our lives bullies, abusive spouses, abusive parents that devalue our worth and says repeatedly that no one cares for you. Characters like Luffy shows that it is possible or makes it easier for the people who makes an effort to know and care about you to be let in instead of just assuming every person will abandon you. D4Bq2hyAlso, Luffy is actually pretty competent as a captain. He allows no one to stop him from his goal from being the Pirate King so he’s the most determined, the best fighter, actually knows how to use his powers, and can determine an enemy’s weakness. So he has skills in some places.
  4. It allows for some reality checks: During the Paramount Arc, Luffy’s idiot tendencies got deconstructed. Usually,  Luffy does something stupid and the crew gets roped into another adventure, but when something got too hot for him to handle it ends in disaster. We’re all used to seeing Luffy triumph, so we felt elated when he finally punches a Celestial Dragon, spoiled brats who steps upon others because they descended from the World’s founders.

hwufha However, this costs him big when an admiral shows up with more powerful enemies than Luffy, Luffy was defeated and for a time, he thought his crew was dead. It doesn’t end there. At Impel Down, his antics started an even bigger mess when he almost died facing Magellan, a poison man, and started a prison riot where the most dangerous pirates in the world are unleashed and threaten the world’s security. This sets the tone that the One Piece world is based in reality and that the consequences are real.

5. His crew’s competency: In anime like Dragon Ball Z, the world falls apart because of Goku being dead and he’s always the one to save the day and other characters are considered wasted potential. One Piece doesn’t play that.  Without his crew, Luffy cannot accomplish anything. This even gets pointed out by him when facing the shark man, Arlong. When Usopp was feeling useless as was pointed out by the fan base and thought to be reduced to Krillin status, Sanji, the cook, points out that they have roles and they must play them in order to accomplish any goal, and it ended up being Usopp who saved Robin and even Luffy at Enies Lobby. That was beautiful and what makes One Piece more likeable to some than DBZ.

So there you have it. This is why I believe the idiot hero works for Luffy. Leave your interpretations in the comments if you would.




I bought this machine about a year ago after saving every little penny of my checks. I was looking for a laptop since my beloved Dell Inspiron 15 was starting to break down and had in my mind for a long time to buy another one as soon as I came into some money and a few months later I did. I was so glad because not only did I need a new laptop, but I figured, hey, if I’m going to blow all my money, I’m going to get the best I could find. I looked at some of the best current laptops on YouTube. Take a look at this link for some to strike your fancy:  And at number one was this beaut and believe me it did not disappoint.

Now, I’m not going to lie. Buying this laptop is not going to improve your internet experience. If, for some reason, you hate the marvelous invention that has transcended the way an average person has lived, then this machine won’t help you. It’s a laptop, not a miracle machine, but Dell has step up it’s game. First off, my last laptop was a bit too big, making it hard to lug around and even harder to get comfortable enough to pop out a few blogs more than I would want. The Dell XPS 13 is 11.98 inches wide (304 mm) and 7.88 (200 mm) inches deep, so my usage of it is easier and less clumsier. I can pick it up with one hand and haul it around the house easily. But what really drew me is the silver metal body. It looks slick, professional, and durable. You drop a plastic one, it is totaled. Drop this and it’s relatively okay. People: “Don’t drop your laptops. It’s bad for it. I can’t stress that enough.”


The keys are wonderful and not because it glows like the heavens above. It sleek enough to type a whole essay with ease and hard to get dust into which is a main culprit of malfunctioning keyboards and overheating.

Now if you’re a DVD person, you’re going to be disappointed, because no CD player is installed. You’re going to have to enter the downloading universe. It’s 2017 man. Get with the times. Another thing is you cannot take out the battery and because of its metal casing, it overheats way too quickly, but fear not. It will cool off. Do you know how? By taking out the charger and learning what the battery saver is. It’s not really much of a problem. It will be hours before it gets low on battery juice and when it gets too low, the battery saver activates on its own. This machine knows what’s good for you. As one of the latest and by now well improved of the laptops, it has everything you would need and want. 9.5 out of ten for this laptop and 9.5 out of ten for Dell. Dell is proving to be a great brand of computer merchandise.

ONE PIECE REVIEW: “The Jet Pistol of Rage – Luffy vs. Blackbeard”



So as expected Luffy gut punches Teach, and let’s admit, we all enjoyed that. The guy had it coming. But Teach offered a response by sucking Luffy into his hand and showing him what dirt tastes like. Luffy gets hurt which is a shock to everyone, because blunt force wouldn’t normally do anything to him. I like this part. We’re all used to seeing normally injury proof characters bounce back humorously, but cartoon physics is out to lunch and the tone shows that this match up is serious.

Unfortunately, the match up between these two heavy weights would have to wait as Ace’s life is on the line. Before going, Teach reminds Luffy that One Piece does exist. The message is clear: “The next time we meet would decide who would become King of the Pirates”.

Problems arose when Luffy and crew encounters Minotaurus, but Luffy in need to blow off steam blasts him through the walls. Jimbei tells the crew that Luffy has his game face on.

Meanwhile, Ivankov humiliates Sadi by tying her to the ceiling with her own whip. Funny? Why yes. Yes it is. Until Magellan shows up in a bad mood and had her untied. He meets Teach and we thought maybe we may get an epic showdown after all, but Magellan ain’t got time for that and just poisons the whole Blackbeard Pirates. Checkout that beautiful fight here:

Magellan eventually finds Hannyabal and realize how much he gave his all. He tells the jailers to treat him as he would have no other successor. He let’s his own Luffy like scream and tells him that he will not escape. Looks like Luffy isn’t the only one with his game face on. 9/10




Picture this: Your are a super powerful magnet and the things in life, good and bad, are magnets as well. Now when your thoughts focus on one of those things, you change frequencies, and what is good or bad is then attracted to you. Now you could always change frequencies and we often do, but people have a hard time doing this often because they get too discouraged by their current situations and habitual mindsets. So there are some habits that need to be broken and established.

  1. I can’t stress this enough, but think positive: Listen, it’s easy to start doing this, but then go back to the negative thought process in a quick moment. So what is clear is that you must notice your thought process and think positive even if you don’t feel like being positive. Think about positive long enough and your emotions will come with it. Tip: Think about something that last made you happy to set the mood.
  2. Be clear, but know that good things also come to the vague: Look, if you want something specific, you have to be clear about it. Say for example, you want a new car, picture what type of car you like, the color, the inside, extra cup holders, etc…Even if you don’t have anything in mind just being positive brings about good things to you. You’re a magnet for good fortune.
  3. Use some affirmations to brainwash yourself: Look, some of us need some help retraining our mindsets. No problem there. We picked up a lot of bad habits over the years. Our life is full of negativity trying to creep down our throats. We got to the point that we’d believe nothing good would ever happen without a price. So try to reprogram your mind with a different mindset. Take out whatever you make words with and write down stuff like “I am abundant”, “I am happy”, “I have all that I could ever want”. Hey, some YouTubers even put some online. Here’s a link to one of them:
  4. You use the right wording: When people think about the Law of Attraction to get what they want, they start thinking and saying “I want this and that” you know what that does? Bring situations in which you want those things. The Law of Attraction is very specific about those things. Try “I am and I have” instead.
  5. Do something: What happens when you separate two magnets far enough, they don’t attract. You need to push them closer together. So that means you could use all the affirmations you’d like, but unless you change your patterns, don’t expect changes. The Law of Attraction doesn’t get specific about how it’s going to bring you something, but if you take action, you will somehow find what you were looking for.