ONE PIECE REVIEWS: 443, 444, 445


“The Strongest Team is Formed! Shake Impel Down to its Core!”


In this review I’m going to do a three in one segment. Enjoy.

Okay, so Luffy catches up with good ol’ Crocodile, who wants to help them out if only to get at Whitebeard (Me thinks they had a history). But Luffy refuses because of what he did to Vivi (Yeah, Luffy I’m sure being nearly killed by him three times wasn’t a factor. Knowing you it probably wasn’t). Iva manages to convince Luffy to let him go, because he has the only power to get them out of there (he controls sand). Iva told Luffy that he knows a secret that would keep him in line, which causes  Croco-boy to freak out. What is this juicy secret that is powerful enough to make Crocodile shake in his boots? Beats me. Also, Iva has a history with Crocdile!? Small world.

The subtle secrets in this episode is very interesting here. I like how Oda just passes it off, but he’ll bring it up later. Also could you imagine Crocodile as a lady? That’s hot. Jimbei asks to be let out, which Luffy did so without any kind of drama and Iva put the other prisoners in their place. I’m starting to like this guy/gal more and more, and the strongest team is formed. Amazing. Luffy managed to get a crew stronger than his own, in fact he may be the weakest. He’s going to need that help against the strongest forces the marines has mustered up.

So after a lengthy dress up from Crocodile. Got to kick butt in style. And Iva gather his Newkama army, the team goes on to start some havoc. Meanwhile Buggy and Mr. 3 are stuck in level 2. 8/10.

“Even More Chaos! Blackbeard Teach Invades”


Wha–What’s Blackbeard doing at Impel Down?! Seriously, they just walk into the door to hell like a casual Sunday stroll. This cannot bode well. They look goofy as chickens, but so do the Strawhats, and this crew is even creepier, moreso than Robin and Brook.

I love the fact that Blackbeard has his own agendas. A great villain sees means to an end, and Blackbeard used the World Government to only further his goals, and it’s nice to see the white coats have their plans backfire.

Anyway, Luffy and his powerful makeshift crew is causing havoc, but that’s nothing new. What really struck a chord in me is Hannyabal’s breakdown. He’s panicking because of all the chaos going on around. As much as the World Government has caused pain, most of them are really just doing their jobs, and like anyone who works for a living, we panic when our jobs are on the line, especially when the situation is beyond our control. Hannyabal ‘s goal is to become warden and some random upstarts are costing him his dream job. Sounds familiar to anybody? I know it does. It actually feels good when Magellan informs him that he has everything under control, but I feel he’s playing a dangerous game by letting out Shiliew. Blackbeard has his name written alongside his I’m sure.

At least the butt monkeys, Mr.3 and Buggy are doing their part in causing trouble which could only help Luffy, breaking the fourth wall while they are at it. 8/10.


“A Dangerous Meeting! Blackbeard and Shiliew of the Rain”


Okay, so the jailer beasts are coming, but fear not, the Newkama army’s strongest fighters are on the case…What? They failed? Ugh, why is good help so hard to find these days? These beasts don’t even look tough. It’s okay I’m sure Luffy, Croco-boy, and the Sea Knight could handle this.

That said I have to admire the Jailer Beasts a little. These cute little freaks are powerful, ruthless, and Awakened Fruit Users. I’m sure more will be explained about that later. Having them beat the strongest Newkamas they had to offer is a sheer good way to demonstrate their power. Also, they are hard to knock out. It took two Warlords and the Future Pirate King to defeat them. Talk about street cred.

Meanwhile, Ivankov squares off with Sadi, the sadistic commander of the Jailer Beasts, as a…sexy lady. Man, I bet most guys and some girls watching this got a little confused if you know what I mean. I would like to take a minute to point out that it is Ivankov fighting Sadi, not Luffy. Luffy never even locked horns with her. Is it possible that Sadi is stronger than Luffy? She is fighting a high ranking member of the Revolutionary Army to a pretty good stale mate. Hannyabal seems to find his stones and decides to come after Luffy and his crew. Have fun with that.

Well, Buggy and Mr. 3’s plan seems to run into a wall…of poison. I wonder how they’ll get out of this mess. Wait. How is Luffy going to get out of this? Hey, look it’s Blackbeard. Didn’t he say at one point that his fruit allows him to neutralize other fruits? 8/10.


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