Picture this: Your are a super powerful magnet and the things in life, good and bad, are magnets as well. Now when your thoughts focus on one of those things, you change frequencies, and what is good or bad is then attracted to you. Now you could always change frequencies and we often do, but people have a hard time doing this often because they get too discouraged by their current situations and habitual mindsets. So there are some habits that need to be broken and established.

  1. I can’t stress this enough, but think positive: Listen, it’s easy to start doing this, but then go back to the negative thought process in a quick moment. So what is clear is that you must notice your thought process and think positive even if you don’t feel like being positive. Think about positive long enough and your emotions will come with it. Tip: Think about something that last made you happy to set the mood.
  2. Be clear, but know that good things also come to the vague: Look, if you want something specific, you have to be clear about it. Say for example, you want a new car, picture what type of car you like, the color, the inside, extra cup holders, etc…Even if you don’t have anything in mind just being positive brings about good things to you. You’re a magnet for good fortune.
  3. Use some affirmations to brainwash yourself: Look, some of us need some help retraining our mindsets. No problem there. We picked up a lot of bad habits over the years. Our life is full of negativity trying to creep down our throats. We got to the point that we’d believe nothing good would ever happen without a price. So try to reprogram your mind with a different mindset. Take out whatever you make words with and write down stuff like “I am abundant”, “I am happy”, “I have all that I could ever want”. Hey, some YouTubers even put some online. Here’s a link to one of them:
  4. You use the right wording: When people think about the Law of Attraction to get what they want, they start thinking and saying “I want this and that” you know what that does? Bring situations in which you want those things. The Law of Attraction is very specific about those things. Try “I am and I have” instead.
  5. Do something: What happens when you separate two magnets far enough, they don’t attract. You need to push them closer together. So that means you could use all the affirmations you’d like, but unless you change your patterns, don’t expect changes. The Law of Attraction doesn’t get specific about how it’s going to bring you something, but if you take action, you will somehow find what you were looking for.

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