ONE PIECE REVIEW: “His Spirit Won’t Break! Hannyabal Goes All Out”



I never thought that I would actually see Luffy as a bad guy. Just when you thought the World Government is filled with corrupt scum bags, we get a curve ball like this. Oda I bow to your amazing talent in presenting an annoying character like Hannyabal as being more a hero than Luffy.

Luffy and crew comes head to head with Hannyabal, who is alone, and it’s an easy curbstomp battle, but Hannyabal did not go down easy. In this fight, we see Luffy as being selfish in risking the world’s safety including the islands he personally saved by letting loose many monstrous pirates, some worse than Crocodile who nearly tore a country apart, just to save his brother. Need I remind you Ace got himself in this mess in the first place and has the world’s strongest man coming to rescue him. We learn more about Hannyabal as we’re treated to a flashback when he was starting out at a lesser job and not taking it seriously, which allowed a beautiful pirate to knock him out and almost escape if weren’t for Magellan. Magellan tells him that even lowly positions like him have a responsibility: no one is to escape Impel Down. So Hannyabal is determined not to give up and then Teach shows up to finish the job.

The best thing about this episode is the introduction of the Grey and Gray morality. There is no real good or bad guy when it comes to One Piece. Blackbeard even gives Hannyabal that speech…as he was crushing his face. Okay, just for the record, Blackbeard is not a good guy. He even rubs in the fact that if it wasn’t for Ace, Luffy would be the one heading for execution, and an epic showdown had just begun. 9/10


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