ONE PIECE REVIEW: “The Jet Pistol of Rage – Luffy vs. Blackbeard”



So as expected Luffy gut punches Teach, and let’s admit, we all enjoyed that. The guy had it coming. But Teach offered a response by sucking Luffy into his hand and showing him what dirt tastes like. Luffy gets hurt which is a shock to everyone, because blunt force wouldn’t normally do anything to him. I like this part. We’re all used to seeing normally injury proof characters bounce back humorously, but cartoon physics is out to lunch and the tone shows that this match up is serious.

Unfortunately, the match up between these two heavy weights would have to wait as Ace’s life is on the line. Before going, Teach reminds Luffy that One Piece does exist. The message is clear: “The next time we meet would decide who would become King of the Pirates”.

Problems arose when Luffy and crew encounters Minotaurus, but Luffy in need to blow off steam blasts him through the walls. Jimbei tells the crew that Luffy has his game face on.

Meanwhile, Ivankov humiliates Sadi by tying her to the ceiling with her own whip. Funny? Why yes. Yes it is. Until Magellan shows up in a bad mood and had her untied. He meets Teach and we thought maybe we may get an epic showdown after all, but Magellan ain’t got time for that and just poisons the whole Blackbeard Pirates. Checkout that beautiful fight here:

Magellan eventually finds Hannyabal and realize how much he gave his all. He tells the jailers to treat him as he would have no other successor. He let’s his own Luffy like scream and tells him that he will not escape. Looks like Luffy isn’t the only one with his game face on. 9/10


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