I bought this machine about a year ago after saving every little penny of my checks. I was looking for a laptop since my beloved Dell Inspiron 15 was starting to break down and had in my mind for a long time to buy another one as soon as I came into some money and a few months later I did. I was so glad because not only did I need a new laptop, but I figured, hey, if I’m going to blow all my money, I’m going to get the best I could find. I looked at some of the best current laptops on YouTube. Take a look at this link for some to strike your fancy:  And at number one was this beaut and believe me it did not disappoint.

Now, I’m not going to lie. Buying this laptop is not going to improve your internet experience. If, for some reason, you hate the marvelous invention that has transcended the way an average person has lived, then this machine won’t help you. It’s a laptop, not a miracle machine, but Dell has step up it’s game. First off, my last laptop was a bit too big, making it hard to lug around and even harder to get comfortable enough to pop out a few blogs more than I would want. The Dell XPS 13 is 11.98 inches wide (304 mm) and 7.88 (200 mm) inches deep, so my usage of it is easier and less clumsier. I can pick it up with one hand and haul it around the house easily. But what really drew me is the silver metal body. It looks slick, professional, and durable. You drop a plastic one, it is totaled. Drop this and it’s relatively okay. People: “Don’t drop your laptops. It’s bad for it. I can’t stress that enough.”


The keys are wonderful and not because it glows like the heavens above. It sleek enough to type a whole essay with ease and hard to get dust into which is a main culprit of malfunctioning keyboards and overheating.

Now if you’re a DVD person, you’re going to be disappointed, because no CD player is installed. You’re going to have to enter the downloading universe. It’s 2017 man. Get with the times. Another thing is you cannot take out the battery and because of its metal casing, it overheats way too quickly, but fear not. It will cool off. Do you know how? By taking out the charger and learning what the battery saver is. It’s not really much of a problem. It will be hours before it gets low on battery juice and when it gets too low, the battery saver activates on its own. This machine knows what’s good for you. As one of the latest and by now well improved of the laptops, it has everything you would need and want. 9.5 out of ten for this laptop and 9.5 out of ten for Dell. Dell is proving to be a great brand of computer merchandise.


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