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ONE PIECE REVIEW: No Way Out – Admiral Fujitora’s Ruthless Pursuit!


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Holy crap! I mean, just holy crap! This episode drop so many bombs that I could barely keep my hands to the keys. Welcome to my One Piece review.

Okay, granted it’s just an episode where the Luffy and crew is escaping Fujitora’s wrath, and despite having ships ready to sail, they’re pretty much dead to rights. I like how Fujitora rationalizes this as a mercy killing. Luffy had already ticked off Big Mom at Fishman Island and with the defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo, he’d surely have Emperor Kaido after him as well. He implies that what they’ll do is far worse. He also appreciated Luffy’s sympathy about his blindness, but he reveals that he blinded himself. He claims he did it because he’s seen things he shouldn’t. Okay, now I’m curious. What did he see that was so bad? Better question. Do I want to know? I mean, I can barely sleep without the TV on at night. What he does next is what endears me to him. When he, well senses is the better word, sees the people chasing Luffy, he holds his fire and tries to tell them to go back as he’s got it covered and still stays his hand when he overhears that they’re trying to save Luffy from him while at the same time pretending to hate him (though it doesn’t help that you revealed this information over the intercom, announcement guy!). That is big. Had we’d be talking about Akainu, or Kizaru here, those people would be dead right now, but he chuckles and actually wished to see what Luffy looked like, knowing it’d be a kind face. Oh, and during those people’s conversation, it’s revealed that they knew Kyros was Rebecca’s father all along, and had for sixteen years, and they still respected that! So there’s no stigma for Rebecca and Kyros to be together as a family.

And here’s the biggest bomb of all. All the gladiators of the stadium had banded together and offers Luffy to become his ally. In other words: a grand fleet. That’s big. That’s an emperor level of power. 9/10.

ONE PIECE REVIEW: Men’s Pride – Luffy vs. Fujitora, Head-to-Head


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Oh, Luffy. What have you gotten into this time? What’s up guys, I’m here for another One Piece review. This time taking place…a little after the Dressrosa. So this one is short and epic. Luffy vs another admiral. And you know what? He’s actually putting up a good fight this time. Granted this is after a two year time skip where Luffy has beefed up considerably, and this admiral is not a Logia (an intangible blob of an element)…and he’s blind, but Fujitora is no pushover, something that he points out to Luffy when he’s calling out his attacks so that it’ll be a fair fight. Thanks to Haki (think a little like those energy techniques used in Dragon Ball Z) he can see just fine thank you. And his gravity powers are seriously broken. He managed to lift an entire city in order to crush the escaping pirates. If you know Luffy’s track record with admirals (it’s actually lampshaded in a flashback when his crew got separated), it’s usually a beat down waiting to happen, and while it ultimately does, Luffy manages to combat him effectively. Oh, and by the way, Luffy actually¬†likes this admiral and that’s why he’s announcing his attacks to the blind samurai. Naturally, he finds this foolish, and unleashed his broken attack, which…is like an acid trip. Gotta get me that fruit. I mean, no! No! You didn’t hear me say. Uh…8/10. I gotta go and make sure that the police isn’t onto me.



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Zinc is essential mineral found in most of your organs. It’s the second most abundant mineral in your body after iron, so it’s imperative that you get some in your diet or your organs don’t function well. Zinc is not produced in your body like Vitamin D, so you have to do your part in finding some zinc filled sources (especially if you’re a vegan). Luckily in the 21st century you could find supplements at your local Walmart. Remember 8mg for women; 11mg for men a day. What? Still not convinced you should get some? Well, sir or madam, here’s some benefits that you may need to look into.

  1. It boosts your immune system: So what? A lot a vitamins do that. Well, zinc actually helps your T- Cells (look em up) which help to reduce swelling, oh and cancerous cells. Thank you, zinc for saving lives.
  2. It speeds up the healing process: Do yourself a favor and take zinc next time you get a cut or have surgery or painful scrapes, because with zinc, you become Wolverine (X-men, not the animal, though probably the animal too).
  3. But wait! It’s good for your skin in general: Acne disappears when you take zinc. Your skin becomes smooth, shiny, and appealing. And it slows the aging process. Look 21 at 41.
  4. It builds muscle: Guys. You wanna get jacked. Please get some of this in your diet. Zinc takes care of fat and turns it into muscle.
  5. Your libido gets some love: Trust me your lover will thank it later. Increased libido often leads not only to satisfied relationships, but the motive to actually achieve something in your life. Read Think and Grow Rich on sex transmutation.
  6. You become much more fertile and will have healthy children: Zinc improves sperm and egg quality. This means if your trying for a child, zinc is the way to good. Oh, and don’t worry. Things like autism, down syndrome, and other genetic illnesses are heavily reduced.
  7. Good news! It’s also good for pregnant women: Zinc makes lives easier for pregnant women, and the little fella is grateful to ya too.
  8. ENERGY BABY!!!! Also, good moods: Zinc gives a heck of a boost in the energy department. Take zinc and the next morning you wake up fully charged like your phone and ready to go. Also since it’s good for your brain, you feel good most of the time. And I know we’ve discussed how feeling good is great for your vibration.

There’s a whole lot more that zinc could boost and give you, but I don’t have all day to list them, so I hope I hit the broad strokes that will get you hooked. But why are listening to me, huh? Go try it for yourself.



So a young man/woman (okay let’s say blogger) asked how he/she should meditate. I told him/her that you should meditate this way. Lotus style or in a chair if that’s comfortable, middle fingers connected to thumbs on your laps, take a deep breath in and exhale, focus only on the breath. Do this way for twenty minutes a day minimum.

But the young blogger said “No, no! I get that! I mean what music should you play?”

My eyes flitted open and my mouth curled upward on one side of my face. “Come with me.”

Yes, yes you could play music to enhance meditation, but only a certain kind of music. Vibration is how everything in your life functions, and music is one big symphony of vibration. It could effect your mood and how your thought process works and therefore your life and experiences. However! The music listened to must be lyric less. There are certain frequencies on a scale that would not only enhance meditation but change how life works for as long as you listen to it. They 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz.

But what should I play first?

Simple: 432 Hz.

But that’s not on the scale.

No. It’s not on most. It’s sort of a special frequency. It tunes one to the universe around you, healing you, relaxing you, increasing your vibration, giving you clarity. This frequency is one you should start with. Don’t take it from me. Try it for yourself.



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“What do you want to do with your life?” is a common question we’re all asked at some point. It is also one of the stupidest questions to ask. What you really want to say is any where from sitting on the couch all day, streaming Netflix, read a good book (that’s the way), Internet surfing, hang out with friends, and so forth and so on. But if you’re talking about jobs, that’s a whole other stupid question. As much as people don’t want me to say this, but jobs on the whole is either disappearing, pay so little you might as well as be counted as unemployed, and/or take so much of your time that the money you make is nearly pointless. Why would anyone want a job? At best a job is a means to an end; we all know that. Add to that automation, basically technology reducing workload, is becoming more and more a thing and jobs being done by foreign cheap laborers. Let’s be clear. This isn’t a post to slam jobs, but if you’re unemployed, looking for a job, and having a hard time doing so, I got news for you. You’re not useless or broken. Times changed; we have to as well. You have a lot more to do than job search all day.

Now to the topic at hand. You’re right now looking at job posts. Filling out application after application. That’s great and all but if the fish isn’t biting yet, this is hardly the time to fill out more applications until they do. This is where the phrase “what am I doing with my life comes in”. We have 24 hours a day and ticking, and saying what you did all day was searching for a job…well, sounds better than it really is. There’s billions of things you should be doing right now as well. You need to be healthy, you could learn how to make excellent dishes, you could be writing a ground breaking novel, you could be doing something that will help people, you could be mastering different languages. Are you seeing what I getting at? My family tells me what I am doing is getting up, cleaning, reading, and driving places to buy books. When I was working, I was…getting up, cleaning, reading, and driving places to buy books. Nothing’s changed. I was getting any¬† where in life either. You’re going to make yourself crazy by wasting a whole day looking for your next pay check. In order to grow in wealth, you must increase your value, your worth, and y’know actually find what you want to do. Chances are your calling is probably more fulfilling and useful in the long run. The question you should be asking yourself is “what am I working for” and “how could I provide more value.”



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Quick. Tell me what you did today. Now review what you did so far, what kind of music you listened to, what kind of videos you watched, what kind of books you’ve read (which if I’m being honest, is way better than staring at a screen). This is the stuff that is affecting your mental state and your mood, and the things you are attracting into your life. There’s a reason why billionaires all read personal development books voraciously, and recommend that you do so as well. Because it influences you to be more positive, more effective, and to grow as people. Your wealth can only grow as much you do and that goes for happiness too. Listen, I had been reading some Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and I felt amazing. Good things became attracted to me and it will do the same for you. I implore you to cut out the music and videos that are angry and angsty, no matter whether or not you better relate to it for the moment. Chances are you’re still gonna feel like trash or worse. The small things you do everyday effects your entire life. So pick up a self development book, money books, TED talks, listen to some Owl City, and watch as your life starts changing for the better. Here I’ll help:

Books I recommend: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich, Any Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Magic of Thinking Big, 50th Law, Tools of the Titans, Tribe of Mentors, The Secret, 48 Laws of Power, 4 Hour Workweek, Zero to One, there’s plenty more in your local bookstore.

Next time: Why you shouldn’t spend your whole day looking for a job.