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ONE PIECE REVIEW: No Way Out – Admiral Fujitora’s Ruthless Pursuit!


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Holy crap! I mean, just holy crap! This episode drop so many bombs that I could barely keep my hands to the keys. Welcome to my One Piece review.

Okay, granted it’s just an episode where the Luffy and crew is escaping Fujitora’s wrath, and despite having ships ready to sail, they’re pretty much dead to rights. I like how Fujitora rationalizes this as a mercy killing. Luffy had already ticked off Big Mom at Fishman Island and with the defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo, he’d surely have Emperor Kaido after him as well. He implies that what they’ll do is far worse. He also appreciated Luffy’s sympathy about his blindness, but he reveals that he blinded himself. He claims he did it because he’s seen things he shouldn’t. Okay, now I’m curious. What did he see that was so bad? Better question. Do I want to know? I mean, I can barely sleep without the TV on at night. What he does next is what endears me to him. When he, well senses is the better word, sees the people chasing Luffy, he holds his fire and tries to tell them to go back as he’s got it covered and still stays his hand when he overhears that they’re trying to save Luffy from him while at the same time pretending to hate him (though it doesn’t help that you revealed this information over the intercom, announcement guy!). That is big. Had we’d be talking about Akainu, or Kizaru here, those people would be dead right now, but he chuckles and actually wished to see what Luffy looked like, knowing it’d be a kind face. Oh, and during those people’s conversation, it’s revealed that they knew Kyros was Rebecca’s father all along, and had for sixteen years, and they still respected that! So there’s no stigma for Rebecca and Kyros to be together as a family.

And here’s the biggest bomb of all. All the gladiators of the stadium had banded together and offers Luffy to become his ally. In other words: a grand fleet. That’s big. That’s an emperor level of power. 9/10.



Image result for words can hurt or healEscucha, porque es probable que seas una de las muchas personas que piensa que tus palabras no significan nada, que no causarían un gran daño o un gran bien. Antes de salir hoy y cotillear con tus amigos; Habla con tus padres y / o hermanos, quiero que escuches estas palabras. Estas palabras que pronuncio con mi teclado simple: “Tus palabras tienen el potencial de cambiar el equilibrio del mundo”. Se llama un efecto mariposa para algunos. Usted hace o arruina el día de alguien solo por sus emisiones, y eso solo podría comenzar una reacción en cadena que podría traer dolor a un planeta completo (no se salva) o ser el comienzo de algo grandioso. Tus palabras para una persona común que encuentras desde la calle podrían detener su suicidio, podrían cambiar tu vida y hacerte rico, podría convertir a una persona de notorio criminal en un famoso benefactor. Así que por favor. Comprenda el poder de su palabra. Úsalo para tu y todos están bien. Ellos te necesitan. Ser héroe Sea un colaborador. Se bueno. Gracias.



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Listen, because chances are you are one of the many people who thinks your words don’t mean anything, that they wouldn’t do any great damage or any great good. Before you go out today and gossip with your friends; talk with your parents and/or siblings, I want you to listen to these words. These words that I utter with my simple keyboard: “Your words have the potential to shift the world’s balance.” It’s called a butterfly effect to some. You make or ruin someone’s day just by your utterances, and that alone could start a chain reaction that could either bring pain to a whole (yourself is not spared) planet or be the start of something great. Your words to a common person you come across from the street could stop their suicide, it could change your life and make you rich, it could turn a person from notorious criminal to a famous benefactor. So please. Understand your word’s power. Use it for your and everyone’s good. They need you. Be hero. Be a contributor. Be great. Thank you.




Try this exercise out. Forget all that you know, forget what has happened in your life, your experiences, your relationships, even your birth. Everything is a blank space. Make sure you have a paper and a writing utensil nearby. Pretend that now you are the one who writes your fate. Everything that you decide to put on that page is how your life is going to turn out. You are now the author. Now write your story the way you want it. You feel more in control of your life, that you have the power to choose anything. You are the god/goddess of your world. Look at your handy work. You’ve created a new world. That world is now appearing in your world right now. Congratulations, my friend. You just manifested your ideal life



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It’s finally here. I have finally worked for over one year and no, this blog is not my job unfortunately. Working on a night shift two hours from my home has been a trial, and the magnificence of that long journey is just the tip of the long adventure I underwent.

Working at a group home in a low income, virtually jobless state in the South came with a price. A price I had to pay. (I’m seriously going to move to another state when the money rakes in well enough) See, at my place of work, it’s staff versus mentally and emotionally stunted adults plus management. You see management never has your back. They don’t care if you pass out cold on the ground, especially if the clients wants another smoke (seriously, if you want them to become healthy…). I battled a creepy, molester witch, a fat ogre, a nicotine addicted dragon, and night’s long oppression. I have to wake a Sleeping Beauty every morning, had the assistance of a clueless pixie, help a maiden get from place to place, and for a good majority of  the year my only help came in the form of a pregnant medic. And paper work. I do paper work.

That was nothing compared to the dragons I faced in management. They storm the castle every once in a while breathing fire at the going ons of the castle. I had to stand up to them, but not to defend the villagers. Screw them. But to stand for my weekends off, the complaining about the paper work, and demanding of over time. I have yet to slay them, but I got a few strokes in. This epic hero has yet to fallen as his predecessors before him and he is determined to leave on his terms, nobody else. One year was a milestone. How long do I have to go?