Yes, yes I’m sure a lot of you have viewed meditation as some Hindu means to reach enlightenment or something (not exactly wrong, but there’s more to it than that), or maybe not since it is becoming more popular these day, but still others just can’t seem to find time in their busy lives to do so, not even five little minutes. Not to mention just sitting there and breathing seem to be overwhelming for some reason. Look, it’s not hard and there’s different types of meditation…that I won’t bring up here today, but let’s get back to the topic. You need to train your brain, or it’s going to be over run with the constant clutter you call your thoughts. The average person thinks a lot more than he/she probably should, and it’s taking its toll on the mind and the body. Plus, you’re missing out on some huge benefits. Let’s begin:

  1. If you want depression and anxiety relief, start doing it.
  2. You mind gets stronger and your moods improve
  3. The law of attraction becomes easier because meditation focuses the positive thoughts
  4. You focus, attention, and memory improves. Perfect for ADD people and of course school work
  5. It decreases heart diseases and strokes
  6. You get creative. My fellow writers. Hop on this ride!
  7. You relax man. Relaxation is important.
  8. Successful people do it. You want success? Do as success does.

This hardly scratches the surface of the benefits meditation gives, and I don’t think you really need a whole list to be convinced, but if you do check out this link: http://liveanddare.com/benefits-of-meditation/

And just do it for five minutes a day. You’ll be thankful you did. I’ll see you around.






You know that point where you just feel down, that you’re just sad for some reason or no. Yep, my friends, you’re dealing with depression. I certainly am. Weird considering that I’m the sort that you would call upbeat and frankly, I don’t think I have a good reason to be sad. Maybe I’m just petty. I’m upset (Currently.) because a friend on Twitter (Who I actually don’t know in life.) blocked me. And her friends too. Ridiculous, right? Why am I upset? I don’t even know her. I mean we chatted a bunch and she usually responds to my tweets that she thinks are funny, but really come on. Maybe that’s attachment. Whatever, I shouldn’t feel this down. Well, whatever the reason that may get you down there are ways to get through this. Other than getting medical help (Which I recommend you get if depression is chronic), is to do what I have been preaching earlier: “Put things in perspective.” maybe things aren’t as the mind perceives it to be. For example, the tweeter could have her account suspended or she had to unfollow people to keep from being suspended (I may have not been the only one.), or maybe she was a jerkhole all this time I don’t have all the facts so it may have not been me. I’m not rude am I? It’s okay to tell me. I open to constructive criticism and I have been talking about me a lot in this blog. I have read in the Bible that, “The insight of a man surely slows down his anger.” (Proverbs 19:11). Another way is to do something that takes your mind off whatever it is that makes you depressed. I’m blogging the sadness away. A third way is to consult number one, seek medical attention if it’s becoming a problem. Don’t leave this to chance. There could be something wrong with you. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Anyways, don’t let a depression get you down and definitely don’t be afraid to talk about it no matter how petty it is. And don’t forget, you’re invincible.