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Zinc is essential mineral found in most of your organs. It’s the second most abundant mineral in your body after iron, so it’s imperative that you get some in your diet or your organs don’t function well. Zinc is not produced in your body like Vitamin D, so you have to do your part in finding some zinc filled sources (especially if you’re a vegan). Luckily in the 21st century you could find supplements at your local Walmart. Remember 8mg for women; 11mg for men a day. What? Still not convinced you should get some? Well, sir or madam, here’s some benefits that you may need to look into.

  1. It boosts your immune system: So what? A lot a vitamins do that. Well, zinc actually helps your T- Cells (look em up) which help to reduce swelling, oh and cancerous cells. Thank you, zinc for saving lives.
  2. It speeds up the healing process: Do yourself a favor and take zinc next time you get a cut or have surgery or painful scrapes, because with zinc, you become Wolverine (X-men, not the animal, though probably the animal too).
  3. But wait! It’s good for your skin in general: Acne disappears when you take zinc. Your skin becomes smooth, shiny, and appealing. And it slows the aging process. Look 21 at 41.
  4. It builds muscle: Guys. You wanna get jacked. Please get some of this in your diet. Zinc takes care of fat and turns it into muscle.
  5. Your libido gets some love: Trust me your lover will thank it later. Increased libido often leads not only to satisfied relationships, but the motive to actually achieve something in your life. Read Think and Grow Rich on sex transmutation.
  6. You become much more fertile and will have healthy children: Zinc improves sperm and egg quality. This means if your trying for a child, zinc is the way to good. Oh, and don’t worry. Things like autism, down syndrome, and other genetic illnesses are heavily reduced.
  7. Good news! It’s also good for pregnant women: Zinc makes lives easier for pregnant women, and the little fella is grateful to ya too.
  8. ENERGY BABY!!!! Also, good moods: Zinc gives a heck of a boost in the energy department. Take zinc and the next morning you wake up fully charged like your phone and ready to go. Also since it’s good for your brain, you feel good most of the time. And I know we’ve discussed how feeling good is great for your vibration.

There’s a whole lot more that zinc could boost and give you, but I don’t have all day to list them, so I hope I hit the broad strokes that will get you hooked. But why are listening to me, huh? Go try it for yourself.





Yes, yes I’m sure a lot of you have viewed meditation as some Hindu means to reach enlightenment or something (not exactly wrong, but there’s more to it than that), or maybe not since it is becoming more popular these day, but still others just can’t seem to find time in their busy lives to do so, not even five little minutes. Not to mention just sitting there and breathing seem to be overwhelming for some reason. Look, it’s not hard and there’s different types of meditation…that I won’t bring up here today, but let’s get back to the topic. You need to train your brain, or it’s going to be over run with the constant clutter you call your thoughts. The average person thinks a lot more than he/she probably should, and it’s taking its toll on the mind and the body. Plus, you’re missing out on some huge benefits. Let’s begin:

  1. If you want depression and anxiety relief, start doing it.
  2. You mind gets stronger and your moods improve
  3. The law of attraction becomes easier because meditation focuses the positive thoughts
  4. You focus, attention, and memory improves. Perfect for ADD people and of course school work
  5. It decreases heart diseases and strokes
  6. You get creative. My fellow writers. Hop on this ride!
  7. You relax man. Relaxation is important.
  8. Successful people do it. You want success? Do as success does.

This hardly scratches the surface of the benefits meditation gives, and I don’t think you really need a whole list to be convinced, but if you do check out this link: http://liveanddare.com/benefits-of-meditation/

And just do it for five minutes a day. You’ll be thankful you did. I’ll see you around.



     It’s a simple question. Do you want to live? If you choose no then I’m pretty sure you know what to do, but if you want to live long, happy lives then it’s best to develop some healthy habits and following these tips could very well start you on your way.
  1.  Get educated. Everything that you do you can’t do without having any knowledge. Therefore you can’t develop a healthy lifestyle without knowing how to do it, so take out your textbooks people we’re going to learn something.
  2.  Anybody for healthy snacks. What do you eat for a snack? Some cookies perhaps, maybe some fries or pizza? How about a bowl of carrots or strawberries? To tell you the truth those used to be my snacks, but when I started eating carrots for snacks I found that I had more energy than I ever did. Plus as an added bonus my hair is thicker and healthier, I had less acne (Thank water too), and my senses are very sharp. So there’s benefits to eating healthy.
  3. Time to catch some Z’s. Yes, sleeping is actually very healthy and not so lazy after all. Obviously, everybody’s metabolism is different, but the average amount of sleep for a normal person is eight hours so getting your regular amount of sleep is essential. Not only that but sleeping regularly can make you happier, more focused, and more energized as well more beautiful. So it’s time to set your alarms people. We’re getting our beauty sleep.
  4. An hour of play keeps the doctor away. You know how when you were younger you played all day long? Well it’s time to get back to that. When’s the last time you had put down your computer or video game and stepped outside to smell the roses. An hour a day of physical activities could do wonders and help you to live longer, happier lives in addition to decreasing stress.

Obviously, there’s many other tips but that would make the blog like four pages long but just these steps are a great start in living healthy. Realize that this isn’t a dieting thing, diets only lasts for so long rather this is just habits for a lifestyle because what you eat and do for life determine how would live. People call these things unhappy food and unnecessary work but in the long run, those are the people wondering “Boy, I wish I had lived differently.” They don’t call it fast food for nothing. One minute and your life goes while taking heart medicine or something. In the meantime, those of us eating “Unhappy food” and doing “Unnecessary work” will be doing stuff we did at five at sixty and being happy while doing it. The choice is yours.