Listen, if you’re one of those types (such as myself), who are constantly looking up law of attraction how tos. Do yourself a favor and stop doing it, your just attracting more how tos. At the very minimum, limit you research. I know it is hard for those obsessive types, but you do have a life to live you know. Trust me, if you want to manifest riches in your life, you time is best spent looking at things about riches instead of how to manifest riches. Master feeling good and train your thoughts  to what is you’re trying to manifest. You have to convince yourself that you already have it, ‘kay. Stay beautiful.



So I’ve been looking through one of my favorite topic channel’s videos on YouTube called Think Tank, and I happen to find a video that quite interests me. Ever wondered what rich people are doing with their time and money? Well, here are some insights:

  1. Buy land so no one could develop it
  2. Buy a giant tank with a sunken ship in it and scuba dive in it
  3. Buy and sell people so that they can fight on the football field
  4. Legally watch current theatrical films in the privacy of their own home theater

I only see four, so I guess here’s a discussion: If you ever became rich, what hobby would you take up for rich people?