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“What do you want to do with your life?” is a common question we’re all asked at some point. It is also one of the stupidest questions to ask. What you really want to say is any where from sitting on the couch all day, streaming Netflix, read a good book (that’s the way), Internet surfing, hang out with friends, and so forth and so on. But if you’re talking about jobs, that’s a whole other stupid question. As much as people don’t want me to say this, but jobs on the whole is either disappearing, pay so little you might as well as be counted as unemployed, and/or take so much of your time that the money you make is nearly pointless. Why would anyone want a job? At best a job is a means to an end; we all know that. Add to that automation, basically technology reducing workload, is becoming more and more a thing and jobs being done by foreign cheap laborers. Let’s be clear. This isn’t a post to slam jobs, but if you’re unemployed, looking for a job, and having a hard time doing so, I got news for you. You’re not useless or broken. Times changed; we have to as well. You have a lot more to do than job search all day.

Now to the topic at hand. You’re right now looking at job posts. Filling out application after application. That’s great and all but if the fish isn’t biting yet, this is hardly the time to fill out more applications until they do. This is where the phrase “what am I doing with my life comes in”. We have 24 hours a day and ticking, and saying what you did all day was searching for a job…well, sounds better than it really is. There’s billions of things you should be doing right now as well. You need to be healthy, you could learn how to make excellent dishes, you could be writing a ground breaking novel, you could be doing something that will help people, you could be mastering different languages. Are you seeing what I getting at? My family tells me what I am doing is getting up, cleaning, reading, and driving places to buy books. When I was working, I was…getting up, cleaning, reading, and driving places to buy books. Nothing’s changed. I was getting any  where in life either. You’re going to make yourself crazy by wasting a whole day looking for your next pay check. In order to grow in wealth, you must increase your value, your worth, and y’know actually find what you want to do. Chances are your calling is probably more fulfilling and useful in the long run. The question you should be asking yourself is “what am I working for” and “how could I provide more value.”





Try this exercise out. Forget all that you know, forget what has happened in your life, your experiences, your relationships, even your birth. Everything is a blank space. Make sure you have a paper and a writing utensil nearby. Pretend that now you are the one who writes your fate. Everything that you decide to put on that page is how your life is going to turn out. You are now the author. Now write your story the way you want it. You feel more in control of your life, that you have the power to choose anything. You are the god/goddess of your world. Look at your handy work. You’ve created a new world. That world is now appearing in your world right now. Congratulations, my friend. You just manifested your ideal life




Listen, if you’re one of those types (such as myself), who are constantly looking up law of attraction how tos. Do yourself a favor and stop doing it, your just attracting more how tos. At the very minimum, limit you research. I know it is hard for those obsessive types, but you do have a life to live you know. Trust me, if you want to manifest riches in your life, you time is best spent looking at things about riches instead of how to manifest riches. Master feeling good and train your thoughts  to what is you’re trying to manifest. You have to convince yourself that you already have it, ‘kay. Stay beautiful.




So, the law of attraction is actually quite easy. Feel good and boom! Things start going your way, but here’s something that may help or hinder the process. Listen, what you watch, what you listen to for music, what you play as games, what you say and even write affects your manifestation. So, and I can’t emphasize this enough, watch what you are doing. Don’t watch scary movies or angsty shows or read constantly about how miserable someone else’s life is because that is what you are going to bring in your life. The law of attraction is trigger happy. So to offset the negativity, watch things that make you laugh, touches your heart, and inspires and motivates you. It would also help to buy a little notebook and jot down some positive things and as a bonus say aloud and to others positive things. Trust me on this. This will affect your mood for the better and you will get results. So now you know the truth. You are all beautiful. Thank you.



It certainly pays to be the good child, huh? You do what you’re told, you get praise by adults and superiors, and you get a good rep. *Earns a smack across the back of the head*. Stop doing that to yourself. Let me tell you what’s wrong with that:

  1. You’re suppressing your emotions most of the time: Listen, let me tell you why parents, teachers, bosses, etc…love the good child. It’s because they do not want to put up with crap. That’s it. Nothing that really benefits you. In life, you have to put up with crap and holding in all the emotions and desires you have will hold you back. It is not a sin to feel the way you do. All you really need to do is turn them into positive action
  2. You become a relentless people pleaser: Look now, you would never please everybody. People pleasing is a dangerous fatal flaw. It is just asking for bullies, friends who take advantage of you, bosses taking advantage of you, and worst of all abusive relationships to come into you’re life. You’re a special person. Act like it. You do for others because you want to help, not because of approval.
  3. You don’t go after what you want in life: It’s a hard lesson, but it is something you need to know. The ones who say they know what’s best for you really don’t. Your loved ones may unintentionally hold you back. You may think that going after you want is not allowed because you think it’s bad thing to be autonomous, that you need approval before doing something. Are you really going to wait for mommy and daddy to tell you to go after a girl you like? Do you need your boss’s approval to go after a promotion or another company that offers you more. Come on, man. Successful people go after what they desire.
  4. You lose yourself: The minute you submit to the good child role, you submit you’re identity. You’re no longer a beautiful, unique person that you are. You’re a generic label. We live in era where who you are is an important aspect of life. What makes life so enjoyable is that we meet the many different personalities and views of the world, and you’re a part of that. Don’t lose yourself.




  1. You’re complaining and blaming: Look, it’s easy to point your fingers at somebody and say they’re the reason why everything you had coming to you is sucky, and it’s easier to complain. “It’s my boss’s fault that I didn’t get that promotion.”, ‘My life stinks and there’s nothing I could do about.” “Donald Trump is to blame for all my troubles.” (whether the last part is true is up for debate). But really, guys, read what I had just written. It takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it? See, that’s why I don’t watch the news. I want my day to start  off on a good note, and it’s hard to do that when I see a headline that fifty people are injured due to a bomb or something. Look, there are some things in life you need to know. One of those things is that life is short, so instead of talking about how unfair it all is, do something about it or die. Your choice. A lot of successful people did not start off with everything, but they kept the mindset that is positive and that enabled them to achieve their goals. So the next time you ever think of blaming and complaining, catch yourself and start thinking about positive solutions. Look and feel how these thoughts work: “You are successful.” “You have the power to make life meaningful.” “The world is in the palm of my hands.” Those thoughts are empowering so say them repeatedly. These thoughts attract great things, so stop wasting time and get into the habit.
  2. You repeat the same habits over and over: Listen this is a no brainer. If you’re doing the same things over and over again then nothing will change. Ever watch a TV show over and over again that you like, only for it to get real old fast. That my friend is your life. You’ve been brainwashed my friend into believing that you need to do the same things time and time again to have structure, but maybe structure isn’t what you need. What’s the solution? Dude! Mix. It. Up. Life is an action pack movie blockbuster. Ask yourself does Sean Connery stay awesome by doing the same stint? Do great TV shows run the same plot over and over again? No, they bring a different episode out to keep you invested.
  3. You don’t wanna hear this, but everything you know is wrong: What were you taught growing up? Grow up, get an education, get a job, stay at that job, profit. No, no, NO!!!! That’s not how life works. For one, getting an education teaches you how to do subjects, subjects you could probably learn better on your own. Guess what it hardly teaches you: how to actually get a job. They don’t tell you that you need experience for jobs, which is a double bind for millennials these days, they don’t teach you that working hard is not enough to get a promotion or that you have to network; they don’t tell you that working 9 to 5 is more a waste of time than anything and by the end of it all, you would still be a broke loser. Look and listen, read about how successful people got they way they are. It is not the model we were bombarded with they used to get where they are, and it’s hardly luck as much as belief and getting the right people around them to succeed. Change how you think life should work, and go out and make it work.
  4. You’re hanging out with the wrong crowd: Look, listen, and feel. The people around you, they have an influence on what you do. Successful people hang out with guess what? Successful people. Losers hang out with losers. See what I’m getting at. Now your personal group may not be all that bad, but if they have no ambition, always complain, and oh dear God are not accomplishing any goals, I’m sorry they’re not good for you. If you want to get somewhere in life, find people who are accomplishing something. Read constantly about successful people, get inspired, and go to work.
  5. YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANY ACTION: Look, listen, feel, and do something! If you’re sitting on the couch, eating potato chips, reading about why your life sucks, then you have your answer to your problems. Successful people do something. Don’t have an ambition, go find one. Have a dream you want to achieve, find some way to accomplish it. Read about ways on how to be successful and GO DO THEM! Don’t be life’s little female dog. Be a champion!