So, the law of attraction is actually quite easy. Feel good and boom! Things start going your way, but here’s something that may help or hinder the process. Listen, what you watch, what you listen to for music, what you play as games, what you say and even write affects your manifestation. So, and I can’t emphasize this enough, watch what you are doing. Don’t watch scary movies or angsty shows or read constantly about how miserable someone else’s life is because that is what you are going to bring in your life. The law of attraction is trigger happy. So to offset the negativity, watch things that make you laugh, touches your heart, and inspires and motivates you. It would also help to buy a little notebook and jot down some positive things and as a bonus say aloud and to others positive things. Trust me on this. This will affect your mood for the better and you will get results. So now you know the truth. You are all beautiful. Thank you.




Finally, some warmth. Other than that it was a typical Sunday with a meeting in the morning and then a study just shortly afterward. I almost finished with “Lolita”. I got to the part where he visits her after so long and finds her pregnant with another man’s baby and had also ruined her life. Harsh. After a nice, warm jog, I jammed out to some Linkin Park while exchanging music with my mother from David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Journey, and of course Linkin Park. Well, goodnight.